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TheGamersPad writes "This is by far the best Souls game yet; mechanics and balancing seem to be a huge focus. Lore and world building are as strong as ever, offering interesting, scary enemies with the trademark challenge intact. Most importantly inclusivity has been given attention so that previously left out gamers can experience the full joy of this Japanese action RPG masterpiece. You better get busy playing or get busy dying."

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NewAgeisHere1653d ago

The game is getting impressive scores across the board...can't wait to get my hands on it.

BABY-JEDI1653d ago

Please hurry this up for PS4 or I will have to bite the last gen bullet. Damn, I see that bullet coming .

CallDaCheeseBox1653d ago

I want to play it so badly, but if I buy it for ps3 and they announce it for ps4 in the coming months just after, I'll scream. Lol. Still, maybe I'll just try to finally beat dark souls in the meantime...

BABY-JEDI1653d ago

That's my worry & trying to avoid all the spoilers LoL