Waiting For Titanfall – A Midnight Launch Experience

Continue Play's Ryan Chodora wasn't going to buy Titanfall; he'd cancelled his preorder. But then the retail bug hit him, and he found himself waiting in line for the midnight launch.

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Darklordnick1658d ago

Only ever been to one midnight launch, and that was for gta.
Nice to meet like minded people and share in the excitment.

Sitdown1658d ago

What? You didn't exchange gamertags?

ZombieDust1658d ago

That's why I wont go to walmart for a release. After working at target a couple years ago for a CoD midnight launch and there being like 5 customers and no big deal made, I just avoid department stores for midnight launches. Actually I avoid Best Buy too, they had the most unorganized system and let people who didn't preorder go first, dafuq is that bs?! Gamestop always seems to have the biggest crowd, makes tje biggest deal, which just makes it more fun to wait there.

Dlacy13g1658d ago

That was a nice refreshing read. Cheers to the author.

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