5 overrated games of the last generation

GamersFTW writes: "Ah, games. Some games are underrated, some games are overrated. Today, we’re gonna be talking about games that have been released in the last generation that are overrated. Before my list annoys you, because someone’s favourite game is probably gonna be on it, remember this is my opinion. I am not stating it as a fact that these games are overrated. Also, these are not the most overrated games of the last generation, just five of them."

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SteamPowered1658d ago

I was so pumped to play skyward sword on my wii u, but it was actually not that great. I felt I missed out for years, and then this game was just a foggy bore.

-Foxtrot1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

The problem I had with it was it felt like a massive stepback for the franchise after Twilight Princess ended up pushing the franchise forward.

It was repetitive, restricted you, small, kind of linear....yet I don't know why after past Zelda games have given us so much freedom.

The bigger disappointment I had with it was nobody said anything, reviews made it seem like it was better then the last game when it wasn't and it proved to me that franchises names, the bigger it is, can make reviews not speak out about them incase of backlash. Look at the Gamespot 7.5 review, the only one I thought was being honest at the time and he back his points up pretty well.

Chrischi19881658d ago

Xes, wasnt the biggest fan of Skyward Sword. The input methods with the Motion Plus was great, but that was it. Didnt find the story to appealing and all. Hope the next one will be more like MM, OOT and TP. Still, the game was great, but not that great.

BenRage31658d ago

I respectfully disagree. Twilight Princess is my least favorite Zelda. Beyond adding the wolf transformation, which I liked, there wasn't anything new or interesting that added to the formula and it felt like it treaded on ground we've all seen before.

Skyward Sword on the other hand shook up the formula by adding the motion plus controls, adding the limited but fun upgrade system, and the best story of any Zelda game. I loved the story, and for a company that really isn't known for storytelling outside of Fire Emblem, I was pleasantly surprised. And who didn't love fighting that mini army at the end of the game?

The only downside for me was the dungeons, which were excellent, just not as good as Ocarina of Time. But I liked the dungeons a lot. Nintendo is a victim of their own success sometimes, so it is forgivable that they don't top their previous successes. Skyward Sword is the best Zelda for me outside of OOT, although I hope Nintendo continues to shake up the formula even further to keep it from becoming stale.

I agree with the rest of the list for the most part, with the exception of Skyrim. Skyrim without mods is a bit underwhelming, but the mods keep me playing it to this day.

At the end of the day it's all subjective and I respect all opinions. It's different strokes for different folks.

JodyCones1658d ago

You really have no idea if you haven't even got far into it. You truly are missing out.

Ultr1658d ago

I totaly disagree with LBP on that list.
In GTA I always get bored after the first island, but thats just me.
Haven't played skyeard sword and never was a fan of TheElderScrolls. So I won't comment on that.
I got bored with minecraft after an hour or so, but peobably because I played alone

OhMyGandhi1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

When he said, "Sure, some of the user created levels are quite good, but most of them are created by people with the creativity of a stick, and that’s a bit insulting to sticks," I couldn't believe it. Most of the user levels I've played were damned fun. Primarily because it takes quite a bit of effort to make a level in the game, and only the really persistent of gamers are going to see its creation through to the end.

Skyrim, overrated? I am STILL playing the game on PC to this day. While I admit that the combat is, in itself, quite poor, the lore, environmental design, and the painstaking work of realizing a huge and detailed world simply cannot go unappreciated.

The only game on the list that I would consider overrated was GTA4 due to its sluggish controls, and weighty cars that made driving a chore. I still think its a fun game, just not deserving of perfect scores from many publications.

I feel disgusted after clicking this article.

Ultr1657d ago

I feel disgusted after seeing how many disagrees you got... :/

Anon19741658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Wow. Hipster gamer doesn't approve of anything popular.

He's got 3 of my top 10 games of last gen on this list. Skyrim, GTA4 and LittleBigPlanet redefined genres, and Minecraft pretty much created a brand new genre.

Don't click this hit bait.

Captain Qwark 91658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

wtf did skyrim redefine lmao???? it has half the features of oblivion that came before it, its just prettier. and it has like 100% less features and content than morrowind, 2 games before it. that game was a poor sequel that got way more attention than it ever deserved.

the same can be said about gta4 which was a shadow of san andreas.

lbp and minecraft though, those are def not over-rated.

Anon19741658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I respect your opinion but I couldn't disagree more. The game took everything that was good about the genre and improved upon it. It didn't re-invent the wheel but it set a new standard. You think it had less features than other morrowing games and I see them perfecting a formula and streamlining. Can't express how annoying it was to crawl around previous games at a snails pace, jumping in the hopes of leveling up the speed my character would run at so I could move just that much faster. Ridiculous. I started with Daggerfell, I think missed a couple and then played Morrowind and Oblivion. Skyrim was far and away my favorite.

Skyrim raised the graphics bar for the genre, had hugely satisfying customization, fun combat, a detailed world of a size we hadn't seen before and haven't seen since, outstanding sound while still hitting all the points we expect from the genre.

San Andreas was a cartoon come to life. The game was ridiculous and I will never understand the appeal of that game over the excellent GTA3 and Vice City. I tried on multiple occasions to finish that game and could never get into it. It was a chore to play. For me, it was a let down in every way from the previous entries, in terms of fun, story, name it. GTAIV by comparison was fun, smart, and again...completely raised the bar for the level of detail and scope of the open world games of this genre while delivering the one of the best stories and most detailed, nuanced set of characters the medium has ever seen. To date it's the only GTA game I've played through and wanted more at the end. A complete triumph in my opinion.

Nerdmaster1658d ago

Removing the awful level mechanic from Morrowind and Oblivion is enough to make Skyrim ten times better than them. It was too much of a hassle having to keep track of how much you do anything before leveling up (even running and jumping!) or risk being overwhelmed by any enemy. I tried to like both, but having to stop doing stuff (or forcing myself to do it non-stop) just so I didn't get crappy stats increase in my next level up was really, really annoying.

trenso11657d ago

i completely disagree Skyrim is bland the world is barren with the major cities feeling more like small villages thanks to the population being so low. The article was right to say all the weapon and magic feel same-y cause they do. Also the quest and story have to affect on the world around you which begs the question of why even doing it. No matter which side you pick in the war they both act like it didn't happen. Nothing done in game has a major impact outside of that quest which sucks. MInecraft is boring to me for the reason he stated in the article i only even played cause my cousin bought it on PSN and wanted me to play with him. it gets old really fast. GTA and LBP shouldn't be there imo. Can't comment on skyward sword since i didn't play it.

iceman13461658d ago

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was and still one of my favorite games of all time

Captain Qwark 91658d ago

like i said to the guy above me, go back and play the previous two if you like skyrim so much, they are better games. daul wielding is about the only good addition that skyrim brought.

iceman13461658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

actually i am a big fan of elder scrolls games i played every single one of them TES: Arena ,TES II: Daggerfall, TES III: Morrowind, TES IV: Oblivion . and still skyrim is my favorite i have no idea how can someone play skyrim and not fall in love with it ,truly masterpiece

Captain Qwark 91658d ago

hmmm im a little surprised to hear someone who has played the older ones still enjoy that one. to me they cut to much. a sequel is supposed to build/add features and content. they cut too much and made the game far too casual for me.

to each their own i suppose.

Vegamyster1658d ago

Had Skyrim originally for the PS3 when it came out and it was plagued with tons of problems that no reviewers brought up, picked up the Skryim GOTY for $20 on Steam and i absolutely love it... All them mods <3

Anon19741657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I had it on my PS3 and the experience was far and away improved over Fallout 3 in terms of the bugs I experienced. In about 100 hours I had 2 crashes and once saw a mammoth in the distance just pop into being and fall out of thin air. That was it.

I kept reading about all the Skyrim PS3 bugs in the forums, and I don't doubt that they were there, but for whatever reason I never experienced them. Skyrim is one of my top 10 games of last gen I played on my PS3. I purchased the expansion packs awhile back and still need to go back and play through those when I have some time. Looking forward to it!

Vegamyster1656d ago


You're pretty lucky if that's all you had, i got textures disappearing (greyed out), large framerate drops after 30 minutes, the puzzle doors in dungeons wouldn't turn the correct circles that i wanted, frequent crashes and loading times that got worse over time.

DarkLord10031658d ago

I have to agree on GTA4. Imo it is overrated. I've never really had fun with it. Played it toll the end but it never lived up to my fav gta ever - Vice City

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