Xbox’s Phil Spencer Teases Unannounced Games including Japanese Ones: “Can’t Wait to Announce" Them

Phil Spencer had a few interesting details to share today on Twitter, mentioning multiple unannounced games in the works and in concept phase, including Japanese ones and something on Age of Mythology.

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Septic1654d ago

I really do wonder what MS has under their sleeves. I reckon it'll be their best E3 yet.

mkis0071654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

I hope Sony is ready for it. They are so quiet it kinda freaks me out. MS is in the corner right now with their backs up against the wall...dangerous for a company like that.

My personal favorite surprise of E3 was the portal 2 announcement during Sony's conference...freaking amazing setup. Caught me completely off-guard . Chills.
Just amazing when you read Gabe Newell's quote about the ps3.

I need more! I want Sony to take one in the gut so they don't get complacent!

I think this has the setup to be the most surprising E3 in history. From all sides.

Septic1654d ago

You've got the right mindset.

"MS is in the corner right now with their backs up against the wall...dangerous for a company like that. "

Yeah precisely.

Still, Sony cannot afford to slip either. They will go all out at this year's E3 because Sony's future as a company is also dependent on the success of the PlayStation brand.

I expect (and hope) for a bloody battle between the two.

mkis0071654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Getting giddy at the possibilities. Sony is lucky they usually go after Microsoft...they may be able to throw in something last minute to try to tame the fire.

Ted Price on the Xbox stage last year was definitely a big surprise as well.

I hope there are a ton of impact moments like that. I really want Sony to unload the games. It is time to show! Ah the excitement is going to kill me. We are so winning right now.(all people who play)

Dark111654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

I don't know what do you expect from sony but at E3
we will probably get
- New trailer for Uncharted 4
- Demo for the order
- VR
- GG new IP or TLG
the rest will be indie and 3rd Party stuff.

honestly if expect more than that then you will be disappointed.

DiRtY1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

FFXIII on Xbox 360 was by far the biggest E3 announcement ever. Just check the neogaf-thread.


LOL for TLG I am reading this for years now. Every E3 will feature it :-)

It might happen some day, but this, FFvXIII and Agent are on every Sony-list for about 5 years now.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1654d ago

They have no other choice to talk about what's coming out in the future. That's why everyday this guy is talking about how they have unannounced games. To stay relevant.

mkis0071654d ago

@Dark...I'm pretty sure VR will be shown at GDC. And as for the rest of your odd list; that would be the least anyone has ever shown ever...Not going to happen.

We will get at least 2 completely new games announced for release before E3 2015. And some teasers for new ones without a release date. Probably shown gameplay for the Shadow of the Beast that was overlooked by everyone. Agree on Uncharted, obviously the order will be shown.

But honestly I am not even talking about those. I'm talking about things no one expects...

Sony or MS announcing an exclusive next gen version of GTA5 for example.

Or Agent finally making an appearance-at MS conference.

Or Half Life 3 somehow being shown.

As for the last guardian... what if they announced a Holiday 2014 release out of nowhere.

Or what if Microsoft shows a super secret VR system that no one knew about.

I am talking things that right now seem impossible or very highly unlikely... See portal 2 announcement...See final fantasy 13 announcement.

Even Sony's used games thing from last year...I want to see the gloves come off from MS and Sony. Ms did it the first few years of 360 while Sony took it in the chin. Sony is doing it now while MS is taking it in the gut.

mcstorm1654d ago

I think Microsoft will do what Sony did last gen with the PS3 in terms of exclusives and big name games. Yes Microsoft made a mistake but its not always a bad thing. Sony needed to make the mistake last gen because to me they were not exciting me with the PS3 and this time round its changed. For me I want to see all 3 have a slip when they are at the top as this reminds them at its the customer who has the final say and keeps them all on guard.

Cant wait for E3 im expecting Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to have a big one. Well not long until Titanfall, Mario Kart 8 and DriverClub. Great time to jump to the next gen console you want.

White-Knight1654d ago

Microsoft will again just buy every 3rd party publishers to not go to PS e3 conference, as usual.

Patrick_pk441654d ago

I hope Sony doesn't hold back. Lately Sony hasn't been announcing that many AAA titles, which worries me. I understand Siny wants to open the indie market up, but sometimes they shove it down your throat. All the best for the both.

GameNameFame1654d ago

Wow. What?

MS has weakest studios out of the big 3.

Their studios are weaker than last gen.

Look at the facts not desperate wishes

DOMination-1653d ago

How are they weaker? MS created or purchased a load of studios. They own 22. In comparison Sony have 13. Facts my arse

mkis0071653d ago

Domination--- I believe his point is valid- Sony's first party studios are a lot more battle tested and cherished. I would easily stack 13 Sony developers against 22 MS owned is the talent that matters.

Lionhead and Turn10 are the only ones that have been around for a long time and are associated with xbox deeply..343 has a ways to go, bungie left. (rare is not the same company)

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christocolus1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Septic you know what they say about a cornered dog, it will a way i'm glad they are in this position( for now) will make them invest more in the right stuff i.e games ,games and more games. its definitely going to be the best E3 ever, Ms will strike back in a big way this time...and i cant wait to see how Sony and Nintendo will respond.

Age of Mythology is one of my favorite games of all time im so glad MS isnt ruling out an xbox one version.what could the other unannounced games be?..i really want to knw more, very curious now especially the japanese games.

urwifeminder1654d ago

Wow coming out guns blazing with games great stuff.

ArbitorChief1654d ago

Lost Odyssey 2, Phantom Dust and Platnium Games New IP is my guess.

Mikefizzled1654d ago

I hope the Platinum game is Kamiya led and as good if not better than Bayo 2 just to see him come out with some brilliant quotes on Twitter.

Mr-Dude1654d ago

I think this E3 will blow us all away, Sony and MS both will have great surprises for us!

DarkLord10031654d ago

Lost odyssey 2 and I buy a xbone

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