Dark Souls 2 Early PS3 Build vs Retail Build Shows Severely Downgraded Lighting And Graphics

GearNuke: "Now that Dark Souls 2 is officially out in the wild, it is time to examine the claims of the lighting and graphics downgrade. Unfortunately, the worse has come true, and the lighting and graphics have seem to take a hit, confirmed by other reviews as well. What's worse here is the fact that the early PS3 build of Dark Souls 2 - that had playable demo, and shown in many of the trailers/videos - showed no such downgrade. So what exactly went wrong here?"

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starchild1595d ago

Games under development can always experience downgrades or upgrades in various areas and should never be taken at face value.

CaEsAr-1595d ago

Why show it to people when it's unfinished then?

2pacalypsenow1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

cuz people cant/dont want to wait for things

starchild1595d ago

Because they are sharing a work in progress with us. Gamers have a natural interest in such things.

Would it be better for them to show us nothing until the game is finished?

Master-H1595d ago

Marketing purposes and sometime to get feedback (betas)

CaEsAr-1595d ago


Definitely no, but I'd rather see the actual build than false advertisement.

Giul_Xainx1595d ago

It is hard to take anything as a true fact when you have comparison issues with console versions of games. Yup the old Microsoft leash of quality clause keeps on rearing it's ugly head in every one of these "graphic downgrade" articles.

If only Microsoft could have been less afraid of their competitors actually having better systems.

LAWSON721594d ago

False advertisement How so?

Have you ever noticed all early footage says something about be an early build and final product may differ. (something like that) Yet it is false advertising, okay.

CaEsAr-1594d ago

Yes I have mate. But apparently that's not the case with DS2. I've seen early footage and it looked better than the retail version, not sure if it was the PC version though.

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Neixus1595d ago

Keep in mind that they were probably showing of the PC version. And if they want sony/microsoft to be happy, they can't just go out and say that the console versions will look really bad compared to the pc version.

MWH1595d ago

I'm one of the fortunate who has the option to either console or PC. this one is definitely PC.

Studio-YaMi1595d ago

Me too,but I'm also getting the PS3 version because my friends are going to play it and bug the HELL out of me,I don't mind paying twice for this game,,enhanced graphics and mods will make my second purchase worth it.

DarkLord10031595d ago

What about the 360 Version?

g-nome1595d ago

Still looks good with a stable frame rate .

SilentSolid1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

stable framerate? not really. but It is playable

ChemicalWorld1595d ago

Screw the graphics I just want to die over and over again and feel smug when I finally beat the game.

Just wish would ship my CE already though, Friday seems so far away...

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The story is too old to be commented.