PowerLeveled | Review – Titanfall; It’s about the “WOW”

Created by Respawn Entertainment, a company built by former Infinity Ward developers, Titanfall is more than Call of Duty can dream of becoming in the multiplayer front, but falls short in pretending that it has a story.

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Magnus7011593d ago

The fonts look low res and the load times are terrible

JoeIsMad1593d ago

Not load times, but the initial connection does suck the danger.

JoeIsMad1593d ago

I don't know about love, but it is pretty good...

Kavorklestein1593d ago

You are dumb, he said HE loves it. It's not even about what you think lol

No_Limit1593d ago

3.9??? Well, that will get the comments and interest instead of a 4.0.

ROQFrost1593d ago

Yea "Campaign" is kinda bad...

JoeIsMad1593d ago

The stars in the post show you that there's a minute space of white at the end of them. I estimated, but it's not a 4. If you would prefer a 3.8, I can do that.

JoeIsMad1593d ago

Someone disagreed to my post - how?

Just use your eyes, you can literally see that there is white space on the star...

Nekroo911593d ago

Titanfall 29 reviews 87 average, South Park 84, Dark Souls 2 91....there goes your game of the gen because im pretty sure any Halo or Uncharted or wtv will get a better score than this

koliosis1593d ago

Its really fun and very addicting

JoeIsMad1593d ago

The multiplayer is great, and it's easy to see how you can have fun in Titanfall. Hopefully it rockets onward far enough to come out for PS4 in the future - maybe with Titanfall II [and a real story].

Kavorklestein1593d ago

DLC could always have huge "Story" elements in it.. don't be too quick to write off the possibilities to expand the lore/story for Titanfall 1.

TheDrunkenJester1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Who cares about story? Seriously, this is an online game it isn't supposed to have a story, get over it.

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