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"Indeed, there's a cardinal rule in this precarious world of professional game reviewing and that is never to lower the score for a game simply because you're not great at it and have difficulty completing it. It's a sentiment that Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and now Dark Souls II tests to the utmost limit, and it never apologizes for its fiendish torture and uncompromising difficulty. In fact, it wants nothing more than to lick your angry, angry tears."

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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ftwrthtx1658d ago

Great review. This game is getting some great scores.

Hugodastrevas1658d ago

God, why do i have to wait for the 17th for my game to arrive! I need this now!

Tapani1658d ago

I'm trying to hold the urge to buy this game right now, because the PC version should be the definite edition of this game.

I'm not really a graphics whore, but I prefer 1080p/60fps over 720p/30fps with screen tearing or slow down. The art seems to be muddy in console versions.

If From Software hinted a PS4 version with small upgrade fee from PS3 version, I had this bought already.

Overall, I'm truly excited and happy that it's getting good reviews! I'm so envious of those new owners! :)

CowbopBeboy1658d ago

I cannot WAIT to play this.

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