Microsoft Leveraging Xbox Live as A Political Campaign Tool

Microsoft makes an attempt to persuade American politicians to take out advertisements over Xbox Live. Their latest move to get power over the political advertising market, possibly resulting in a serious lucrative gain for Microsoft, and more annoying advertisements for fans in the United States.

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Eddie201011654d ago

They do this crap on Xbox One people will move even further away from it. Don't want a console with political ads running on it. We get enough political commercials on TV and radio not to mention being called on the phone constantly every election season. Just proves that Microsoft's real goal is getting all the advertising money they can and Xbox One is just the means for them to get it.

joab7771653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

This is beyond absurd. If I see one, I will immediately get rid of it...either way (but it will be easy to guess whose ads will end up on the xbone).

It's bad enough that 98% of them r liars and crooks. But I play to escape all the garbage I hear day in and day out. This will spell the end of xbox...definitely for me.

JTomassetti1654d ago

Honestly, I am really starting to realize that these guys will do anything to get paid. It's sad really. It's bad enough all the extra expenses that come with Xbox One and Xbox Live in general.

No_Limit1653d ago

Duplicate...already posted by Mariahellfutura

Eddie201011653d ago

Different article, same subject.

Insomnia_841653d ago

Like if it wasn't enough with the ads. If you going thia far, make Live free or cheaper, Microsoft.

SteamPowered1653d ago

I do not envy Americans and their election process. Here in Canada all the candidates are boring as dirt. There is no frenzy nor spectacle.

joab7771653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I wish it were that way here but it isnt. You have to win a popularity contest to get elected. Who cares what u actually stand for. It it cant be conveyed in a cliched slogan, forget about it b/c we have no attention spanat all. Its the rockstar that wins nowadays.

Godmars2901653d ago

"Here in Canada all the candidates are boring as dirt."

But are they honest? Quick to pander and for all the wrong reasons?

SteamPowered1653d ago

Honesty is a relative term. It's meaning differs for everyone. That being said, Canadian politicians aren't prone to crazy promises. They make promises, but nothing radical to scare the denizens.
The most charismatic prime minister we have had is jean Chrétien. Check him out choke slamming a reporter. The dude could also spit in his own ear. Least he was good for a laugh.

Bzone241653d ago

I guess once they get elected some aren't boring anymore. ie. Rob Ford - Toronto's Mayor.

SteamPowered1653d ago

Right now we are willing to part with him and Justin beiber for a metric tonne of radioactive waste. Still waiting for takers...

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