EA Sports UFC: Looking to Set The Standard For Next-Gen Sports Games

EA Sports pushes the envelope while attempting to answer the hype that follows the massively popular UFC franchise. EA has come closer than anyone else has, at creating the most realistic experience for players, in and out of the Octagon to date.

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2pacalypsenow1656d ago

Good cuz we know Fifa 14 and NBA live 14 didnt

PeaSFor1655d ago

looking foward to it, i enjoyed EA MMA way more than the Ufc games from thq, the better put the PRIDE FC ring in it too!

JTomassetti1656d ago

I can't promise they will touch expectations since UFC is such popular brand name. But it does look promising.

No1up1655d ago

I mean... I'd hit it.

SteamPowered1655d ago

I could watch Benson Henderson get kicked in the face all day...

WeAreLegion1655d ago

I'm not a big UFC fan, but this looks gorgeous. I hope it plays well, too.

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The story is too old to be commented.