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Just over two years ago, gamers around the world put themselves up to the task of trying to get through one of the most punishing and rewarding games to come out in modern gaming, Dark Souls. Now, From Software are back with a successor to the title, with Dark Souls 2, a game the has somehow found a way to be even more unforgiving than the first. - PSLS

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knifefight1658d ago

My body is ready

(to die)

Foolsjoker1658d ago

and it will, again and again.

ftwrthtx1658d ago

It should be called Dark Souls II: Death is Certain

Foolsjoker1657d ago

Well, he is an it should be Dark Souls 2: Death is AFK.

Wedge191658d ago

I don't know if I want to punish myself...

insertcoin1658d ago

What happens if your body is ready, but you're still crapping your pants?

Hugodastrevas1658d ago

That means you're playing the good stuff!

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