Microsoft, EA, and Respawn have a lot riding on the Titanfall launch for the Xbox One

Microsoft has a lot at stake and it hopes Titanfall will turn the tide of console sales. Sony has sold 6 million PlayStation 4 video game consoles, which are priced $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s $500 game console. Microsoft has sold around 4 million or so, based on the latest estimates. Titanfall is the biggest exclusive to come to the Xbox One, and its launch has been timed with the debut of live gamestreaming via the Twitch service on the console.

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NagaSotuva1656d ago

The killer app the Xbox One needed at launch. This game will help Microsoft sell plenty of consoles.

Cupid_Viper_31656d ago

I sure hope you're right on the money buddy. You guys have hyped this game to unprecedented levels, and I honestly hope it lives up to the billings. Because if it doesn't do it for the Xbox One, the guys in the other camp is not going to let you boys live it down.

Best of luck to you guys and Titanfall

Azmatik1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

ill just buy this for pc lol y would anyone want to play this game in low resolution with framerates diping to 20fps on a 6v6 online game? srry but this game on xb1 is a flop alrdy

Anon19741656d ago

As I've said before, this game looks like an absolute blast to play. I hope we see more of the Titanfall universe in the future. It looks like a rich, sci-fi universe to play in and I hope they eventually take it beyond the multiplayer only setting of this first game.

ramiuk11656d ago

online was fun but longevity is the question .

but like you i really want a titanfall story campaign

Frodosmugins1656d ago

shame there are 2 better games worth spending my money on coming out on the same day!

sorry MS but killing 3 people with 1 shot of a handgun really doesn't appeal to me :P

Joe9131656d ago

I wonder if this will push ppl to buy a xb1 or are they just going to buy the game on the 360.

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deantak1656d ago

Twitch, Titanfall, and Xbox One. Not a bad combo.

No_Limit1656d ago

It is actually a triple thread!

SlyFamousthe3rd1656d ago

It will do allot for sales but it wont turn the tide and MS are the only ones to blame for that.

Kavorklestein1656d ago

I don't think "one game" has ever turned the tide in the history of gaming. It's about the systems. This will definitely help MS catch up tho, nobody expects this one game to make it sell more than the PS4, in one day. But when we look at the reasons to own a system from now till the end of the year, Titanfall copies sold, will no matter what... outsell ANY PS4 game this year. Partially due to this being on 3 platforms outside of PS4, and I bet even with less consoles sold than the PS4, there will still be more copies of Titanfall on Xb1 sold than any PS4 game this year.

Azmatik1656d ago

@kavorklestein: "and I bet even with less consoles sold than the PS4, there will still be more copies of Titanfall on Xb1 sold than any PS4 game this year" you can not be serious with this comment lol I can see infamous selling more then titanfall alrdy matter of fact im pretty sure EVERY game multi-plat and exclusive on PS4 sold more the xb1 exclusives and multi-plat lol

Kavorklestein1656d ago

It doesn't matter if multiplat sold more, the exclusives sell the most DUHHHHHHHH. Hence why you can even say Infamous will sell alot. I'm sorry, but I just can see MORE people who like shooters on the MS side wanting Titanfall than people on the PS side who want Second Son, especially over the course of a year.

SlyFamousthe3rd1656d ago

You do know that Infamous' pre-orders are higher than Titanfall's right, as well as the pre-orders for bundles. So there is no reason for SS not to out sell Titanfall.

BX811656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Had some server issues around 1am got in some games 30 minutes later. Smooth for the most part with some minor screen tear and lag. Fun as hell.

EDIT: also surprised to see the number of xb1's purchased. I came to the line late and 5 xb1 Titanfall bundles walked out. Also a number of ds collectors ed. Nice package on that.

Lou Ferrigno1656d ago

I have a feeling that regardless of what fanboys or the general audience thinks.. It will do well to push Xbone to better direction and a little head start for themselves since they have been shooting themselves in the foot since the original E3 announcement.

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