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Submitted by KillerByte23 701d ago | news

Phil Spencer teases Killer Instinct Season 2

Phil Spencer has teased that we could see news soon about the upcoming Season 2 of Xbox One's Exclusive Killer Instinct (Xbox One)

christocolus  +   701d ago
Ki season2 is supposed to add the story mode right?
Neoninja  +   701d ago
From what I read it's suppose to come when Fulgore is released which is this month.
I hope whatever team is behind KI is as open to the community as much as dbl helix.
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UltraAtomic  +   700d ago
its rare!! i think. if you look at the spinal trailer at the end. it shows you at the bottom of the ki logo, and it says double helx and right next to them it says rare.
theWB27  +   700d ago
That's because Rare still owns the KI brand and Micro owns Rare.
Fireseed  +   700d ago
Nah story mode is part of season 1 and it comes with Fulgore this month! :D
maniacmayhem  +   701d ago
TJ Combo!
koliosis  +   701d ago
Fireseed  +   700d ago
I'm close to tears of sheer joy!
MELMAN26  +   700d ago
This could simply mean that they found a new studio to continue working/supporting the game. I wouldn't really call this a tease for KI 2, but good confirmation that the game isn't dead now that Double Helix has been bought.
nigelp520  +   700d ago
should have came complete from the start
MELMAN26  +   700d ago
I am happy with the game, and its price model. I would rather have the game now at its price point. I am really enjoying it and I play it every day.
mcstorm  +   700d ago
I agree KI has been one of the most fun fighting game I have played in a long time and the pricing is spot on for me.
jasonc1213  +   700d ago
I agree with Melman. I play it every day (a little too much to be honest)
No_Limit  +   700d ago
Can't wait...Fulgore will be ready in a couple of weeks with a story mode. With Titanfall, KI, still playing Dead Rising and Forza on my XB1, XB1 owners should be loving this.
Tedakin  +   700d ago
KI3 may be my favorite fighting game ever, even with the limited roster. Bring on more of it.
Adolph Fitler  +   700d ago
"should have came complete from the start"

Damn straight it should have....You got disagrees for saying the truth...hahahaha fanboys. The game should have come complete & as a retail disk based copy, that is fact... The other fact is, this is just another reason, along with the other 50, that confirmed that I would not be buying a XBOne.... I played the game at EB's expo, & it was THE BEST XBOne game IMO, BUT, the fact is, it is not really a game, but merely a demo, & I just don't trust MS or any other company, with all these minute extras for games, that cost an arm & leg in many cases.... I just wanna buy the damn game.
jasonc1213  +   700d ago
No. It was available at launch and is still one of the best games on the X1 at its current state. I realize everything is an opinion, but this game, at its price, was perfect. I paid $20, no more no less. At $20, I saved $40 to be 100% happy since launch (with more on the way). Spinal and Fulgore were included with that price. The dojo mode is the best way to learn ANY fighting game and it costs exactly zero to access that. I do not understand what is up with the entitlement of gamers lately. This is the most underrated game in recent memory.
Lboogieskells  +   700d ago
This game is my only X1 game and was worth the purchase. I can't wait to try out Fullgore and hope they announce the rest of the original cast for the second season.
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jasonc1213  +   700d ago
I cannot express how much I love this fighting game. Unfortunately, rank play is addictive and mashing buttons is loud when my fiance is sleeping in the next room. I cannot wait for season 2. My hope is they let the people who bought the $20 version (Combo pack) upgrade to the Ultra without paying another $40. I'd like to have retro Glacius.

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