Phil Spencer teases Killer Instinct Season 2

Phil Spencer has teased that we could see news soon about the upcoming Season 2 of Xbox One's Exclusive Killer Instinct

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christocolus1142d ago

Ki season2 is supposed to add the story mode right?

Neoninja1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

From what I read it's suppose to come when Fulgore is released which is this month.
I hope whatever team is behind KI is as open to the community as much as dbl helix.

UltraAtomic1142d ago

its rare!! i think. if you look at the spinal trailer at the end. it shows you at the bottom of the ki logo, and it says double helx and right next to them it says rare.

theWB271142d ago

That's because Rare still owns the KI brand and Micro owns Rare.

Fireseed1142d ago

Nah story mode is part of season 1 and it comes with Fulgore this month! :D

Fireseed1142d ago

I'm close to tears of sheer joy!


This could simply mean that they found a new studio to continue working/supporting the game. I wouldn't really call this a tease for KI 2, but good confirmation that the game isn't dead now that Double Helix has been bought.

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The story is too old to be commented.