Rumor: InFAMOUS Second Son 3rd and 4th powers confirmed by Sucker Punch

Comments recently made by Sucker Punch's co-founder point at the final game giving players four powers to use. As of now only two have been revealed.

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GribbleGrunger1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

It's weird that clearly some DUP employees have powers like the swirling, smoky rubble or the spikes of stone that they use to move about the environment quickly, and we know that Delsin can steal powers ... but not one person has yet to think: 'We'll probably be able to steal those powers too.'

AceBlazer131656d ago

I think the earth power has to be 1 of the unannounced powers, it's only natural.

ZodTheRipper1656d ago

I'm sure that there are 4 powers, I'm hoping for 5 or 6 though. As far as I know they already denied that we'll get "natural" powers like earth, wind & water and that they are going for modern stuff like smoke, neon, paper? glass? magnetic?

sinncross1656d ago

no i think because the DUP powers are natural, in the sense that the power is not habitually awakened but rather manufactured.

Maybe that is why Delsin cant steal their powers.

mrbojingles1656d ago

I'm hoping for 6 or more powers personally but I'm sure whatever they give us will be great.

lazyboyblue1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

I'll take whatever I can get. Water, rock and electric would be good. Or nuclear would be great.

Edit: with nuclear it would be cool if Delsins could split into atoms and then have them all collide for a massive explosion , mushroom cloud, the works.

Edit2: surviving npcs stand around vomiting from radiation.

SageShinigami1656d ago

They long confirmed more than 2 powers. And three? Isn't that just inFamous 2? Four powers should be the minimum. Should be five or more.

oOIRNMUNKEYOo1656d ago

Awesome can't wait for this game. Looks amazing wish it wasn't exclusive as now I have to buy another console. This driveclub are going to blow away all other games graphically!

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