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Polygon - Dark Souls 2 is unflinchingly ambitious in a way that few games are. Yes, the world is massive; yes, there are far more bosses than the last game; yes, I've spent dozens of hours playing, and I'm sure I still haven't seen close to everything. But where other open-world RPGs use that overwhelming size as an invitation to lose yourself in their world, with Dark Souls 2 it's a threat.

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Shuyin1589d ago

Just a few more days until the european release...

mhunterjr1589d ago

I guess I need to give this series a try. I watched some gameplay and didn't really get the draw, but I keep hearin nothing but good things about it.

lonelyplayer1589d ago

Just don't give up too soon ;)

ravinash1589d ago

It's worth a go.
Just make sure you play for more than a few hours, because often people get killed a few times and they think the game is to hard, when in fact dying is all part of the game.

Swiggins1589d ago

The gameplay of Dark Souls is difficult to sell really, at face value the combat is clunky and imprecise. The story is bare-bone in some areas and in others non-existent and the difficulty is punishing to a hilarious degree.

Once you break through the skin though, and put some time into the game, all that reverse. The combat becomes complex and satisfying, the story becomes deep and engrossing and the difficulty changes from unwelcomed obstacle into invigorating challenge.

"Sticking with it" is what transforms Dark Souls from an average game experience into an unforgetable one.

andibandit1589d ago

I played Dark Souls for 20+hours and have to say it wasnt my cup of tea.
you can spend hours traversing 300 meters, and boss battles are all about learning the enemies moves, needless to say, the first 7 battles against a boss is certain death. I ended up youtubing boss battles just to learn faster.

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Plagasx1589d ago

Patiently awaiting the PC version...

NewAgeisHere1589d ago

Polygon writes a fair review for a change....the world has gone mad:)

HighResHero1589d ago

You have to at least pretend to be fair in that industry. There's also a chance that not everyone that works at Polygon is a total buffoon though.

Hicken1589d ago

It's also not an exclusive, so they don't really have an agenda to push.