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Dark Souls 2 Review | IGN

IGN - Dark Souls II feels like playing baseball with a familiar, worn-in, comfortable mitt, only the rules of the sport have been slightly tweaked. Anyone worried that the sequel might rein back on the difficulty in favor of targeting a wider audience can sleep easy tonight – Dark Souls II is every bit as punishing, demanding, and ultimately rewarding as its 2011 predecessor. Its new ideas for both single-player exploration and helping and tormenting others in multiplayer don’t always quite click, but enough do to make this an exceptional game and an irresistible challenge. (Dark Souls 2, PS3, Xbox 360) 9/10

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YoungPlex  +   541d ago
Amazing as expected but nice to hear... Good job Fromsoftware!
hulk_bash1987  +   541d ago
Yup Demons Souls, Dark Souls and now Dark Souls 2 are some of the best games to come out of this past generation.
starchild  +   540d ago
I agree. They are great. I'm looking forward to spending some time with Dark Souls 2.
SilentNegotiator  +   540d ago
I haven't paid full price for a game in years, but I think I will pick up Dark Souls 2 today.
miyamoto  +   541d ago
I believe in From Software so much!

King's Field
Armored Core
Frame Gride
Another Century Episode
Demon's Souls
Dark Souls

Great Games

They are now on top
Psygnosis333  +   540d ago
The whole list :)


Did anyone played Otogi: Myth of Demons on original Xbox? Is it a good game ?
Irishguy95  +   540d ago
Didn't even know about Tenchu and Armored core. Great dev
starchild  +   540d ago
I was going to say, you missed Otogi and Otogi 2. They are two of my favorite games of all time. Super punishing like the Souls games too.

I just wish there was a working Xbox emulator because I still have the games, but no longer have an original Xbox. These games need to be re-released.
Captain Qwark 9  +   540d ago
you missed 3D dot heroes on ps3, one of the best adventure games this gen.. more or less a clone of a link to the past on snes but a damn good clone.

from is my fav dev..
Sly-Lupin  +   540d ago
Why? Those games you listed cross the whole bloody spectrum. Sure, Dark Souls may be one of the very best games of the decade... but ACE:R is one of the very worst. ~__~
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   541d ago
WOW IGN 9/10 on DS2 , can't wait for that April 25th!
elhebbo16  +   541d ago
these are going to be the longest 44 days ever -__-
SilentSolid  +   540d ago
It will be hard to resist watching reviews, gameplay and other ds2 related stuff till then.
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Timesplitter14  +   541d ago
Praise the sun!
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ziggurcat  +   541d ago
I can't wait to pick up my copy tomorrow.
DivineAssault  +   541d ago
sweetness! Ill be picking the ultimate edition up tomorrow but cant play til later.. I have a backlog im working on
Ezio2048  +   541d ago
Finally, 1st proper universally acclaimed game of the year. Can't wait to play.
Kivespussi  +   541d ago
South park was pretty amazing too. But nothing as great as DS2 hasn't been released this year. And titanfal... Oh, boy another multiplayer shooter.
WeAreLegion  +   541d ago
Agreed. Next up is inFamous.
torchic  +   540d ago
inFamous previews have been fairly mixed, it'll probably get an 85 metascore or there about.

inFamous has never excelled well with critics but is still a super fun game.
WeAreLegion  +   540d ago
You're probably right, sadly. I feel like critics are playing different games. Both inFamous games have been 10's, as far as I'm concerned. Absolutely brilliant!
lonelyplayer  +   541d ago
Death penalties. That's amazing.
No_Limit  +   541d ago
Did digital foundry made a comparison on the game on PS3/X360? Might also pick this one up at the midnight launch but want the best version possible.
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torchic  +   540d ago
PS3 has the best community, and due to that version obviously selling a lot more, more people on online, better experience. and I always heared that the 360 version of DS1 had a problem with hackers
No_Limit  +   540d ago
Was wondering where the disagrees are coming from and I just headed over to Eurogamers and indeed the X360 is more superior, to my surprise. Well that settle it, X360 version it is.
Silly gameAr  +   540d ago
lol You were going to get the 360 version anyway. :)
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Orange Juice  +   541d ago
2 more hours until its up on the store.....the wait is killing me.
SolidGear3  +   541d ago
Don't worry.. soon enough the game will be killing you :}
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   541d ago
2 hours left :)
maniacmayhem  +   541d ago
I can't wait, loved part one and I am sure this wont disappoint at all.
MegaMohsi  +   541d ago
Wow this game is getting amazing reviews across the board, is there a pc version because I sold my ps3 :(
elhebbo16  +   541d ago
Yep, its coming April 25. and its going to be a waaay better port the DS1 was. high res textures, steam integration, graphical settings and k&b support (although a controller is recommended).
Inception  +   541d ago
"annoying death penalty" is a negative?

This is weird because the reviewer himself wrote "60 hours of pain and agony so much fun they flew by in a heartbeat". Than why he put "annoying death penalty" as a negative? Isn't that contradicted himself?

Or maybe the reviewer expect From Soft will make Dark Souls 2 easier than the 1st one?

Oh well it's IGN, they always contradicted themself...
numNuts  +   541d ago
Amazing games like this and Demon souls should be in the limelight. Not another generic shooter!
No_Limit  +   540d ago
Agreed, it is no Killzone, that is for sure!!
A LIVING LEGEND  +   541d ago
you're referring to Titanfall,correct?
nix  +   541d ago
damn.. i have to finish Dark Souls faaaaaaaasst! wishful thinking!
metalgod88  +   541d ago
This is the one game I've been waiting for, drooling to play, but due to financial troubles, I can't even afford it =(. I hope everyone who does get to play it loves it to death. Not literally of course =P
USMC43  +   540d ago
Does anyone know if this is DS4 compatible?
hartonson  +   540d ago
Praise the sun, this is the moment I've been waiting for! By the time this DS2 sales record of previous edition, we can look forward for Dark Souls 2: Definitive Edition.
Paul85  +   540d ago
Picking this game up as soon as I get off work!
ILikeGamesNotCorps  +   540d ago
Amazon says my delivery is guaranteed today...SO EXCITED!
feraldrgn  +   540d ago
If only gaming didn't make the day fly by, then I'd have time to play all these damn games that are coming out.

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