The Real Reason Why Nintendo Is In Trouble

Many seem to blame the Wii U for Nintendo's difficulties. This article argues that the problem goes much, much deeper.

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Chupa-Chupa1534d ago

Because they continue to cycle the same scenario each console release. Their last super console with the biggest third party support was SNES.

Pandabrain1533d ago

So you never heard about the N64 or the Wii?

TheLyonKing1533d ago

n64 was a fantastic and I loved the games but n64 never sold well which was a shame.

UltraNova1533d ago

N64 is my fav console of all time dude! tread lightly when you refer to it! ;-)

Geobros1533d ago

I totally agree. N64 had no so much support, gamecube had more support than N64 and Wii I would say the same as gamecube. SNES and NES had the best support, like PS1 and PS2 for their generations...

Pandabrain1531d ago

Ok, I was wrong about the N64, it just felt like everybody had one :D
But I was right about the Wii, it's nr. 3 in the ranking of most games for the console according to this site:
(look at the second chart)

Benjaminkno1533d ago

It's about more than just Nintendo veering away from traditional gamers.
Yes, it's a major contributing factor, but Nintendo fans are conditioned to purchase Nintendo software, because they're more reliable, and posess higher quality.

I don't see how Ps4 is capable of creating greater gaming experiences when they're only getting prettier. In retrospect, Ps2 was vastly superior to Ps3 gameplay wise, but that's just my opinion. At least MS has embraced kinect.

I'm sure if Sony had as many great IP's, third party games wouldn't sell as much on Psx either. Many of the studios already acquired by Sony no longer exist.

I have more faith in Nintendo's future than the Xbox or Psx brands... but that's just me.

MichaelZack1533d ago

Most Nintendo fanboys that I know haven't purchased the Wii U. Their major complaint is lack of games. It's a small sample size (only six people haven't purchased it out of seven fanboys), but one that's pretty telling for me.

You raise a very good point.

RPG_Lover1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

The Wii U has a pretty darn nice library. And how can you make a false blanket statement like "Nintendo is in trouble" without looking at 3DS. Without even seeing in 2013, Nintendo had the best year of anyone.

While Sony and MS continue to shrink there game divisions, Nintendo is growing theres.

Your article is beyond stupid.

The Wii was a success in EVERY WAY. Profit, Sales, Software sales, whatever way. Only a "fanboy" as you call it, would make the arguement that there were any flaws with Wii

N4g_null1533d ago

This is going to be fixed in a real way with the fusion idea. I'm not saying that rumor was right but Iwata himself said the software will possibly run on consoles and handhelds for the next handheld device.

Which means the next handheld will possibly be a shrunken wiiu. This means mario is made once not two time on 3ds and wiiu.

Then you have possible accounts where you get to bring your games from an old console. You bought mario once and you will never have to buy it again!

This would also solve the second game pad price issue. Imagine if your 3ds games where upscale to the wiiu just by having it hard coded in the console.

Also you could see a ware able console iteration of the next handheld also. This would depend on occlus rift. If these games are upscaling then you could see an affordable 2ds system and 3ds middle ground and an uber version with head mounted display with a phone like device powering it or just connecting to the home console Thur the cloud for more power.

So the people who want a wiiu with 8 cores and 8 gigs of ram can have one. The people who are fine with the wiiu can have theirs also. The consumer will decide what is the main console.

You have to also understand nintendo supports two platforms.... they will unify these platforms and only need to produce for one now..... we are talking about a flood of games now being possible.

HurtfulTimez1533d ago

journey, flower, rain, puppeteer, heck even psmove game tumble all were a better and unique gameplay experience compared to the generic games i have played so far on the wii u, each to their own i suppose.
I can generalise just as good as you..

Knushwood Butt1533d ago

Yet the Nintendo crazies deny the existence of such games, kid themselves that you can only get an original experience on a Nintendo console, and then get frothy at the mouth when Mario Kart is announced for the current generation of hardware (after Nintendo have abandoned the previous generation kit).

Etseix1533d ago

You forgot Little Big Planet, and its not you, its a fact, there are more *creative* games on the ps brand, than what nintendo has.

seraphym881533d ago

im sorry, i dont see 'flower' 'rain' 'puppeteer' or 'journey' anywhere. There are hundreds if not thousands of game development studios in the world. For ONE studio to make so much of the highest quality content is beyond remarkable.

I believe anyone here would be HARD PRESSED to show me an example of any other ONE company dominating an entertainment industry as big as gaming.

N4g_null1533d ago

That is great... but it's just not nintendo crazies. Most good game developers are horribly addicted to Nintendo games. Not sony games even though they may have some good games. None of those games are as creative at being great addictive game play. They are Almost creative just to be creative nothing else. None of them comes close to even tetris. You don't have to believe me just look at how many ps fans bought these games.

I'm waiting for sony to make a pure gamers game like mine craft. Not more stories and developers trying to be creative at the expense of game play.

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Retroman1533d ago

im with you on that Benjamin

used to love Sony consoles until ps3 pushed all non open world games to curb and hardcore games reign for 7 years. and 7 more years not happening with me. as you said i agree : have more faith in Nintendo than MS or Sony. variety which they dont have unless you call all hardcore games variety then no Sony dont have variety as they did with ps1,ps2.

DualWielding1533d ago

does Nintendo has variety? really party games and platformers are the only genres that were plenty on the Wii all other genres got only token representation.... No one can honestly say the Wii was the best platform for any other genre than those two.....

Hoika1533d ago

So you don't think there is enough variety between Motorstorm, little Big Planet, Uncharted, God of War, Killzone, Puppeteer, Rain, Flower, Journey, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Raccoon, Gran Turismo, InFamous, Heavy Rain, Heavenly Sword, Ni No Kuni, Eye of Judgment, White Knight Chronicles, all Wonderbook games, The Tales of... games, etc.?? And yes, some of these are hardcore. But most Sony owned IP's are meant for the mainstream... They just have darker themes than most of Nintendo's IP's. But that doesn't make 'm hardcore... They're just not meant for children.

Retroman1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@ poet below

dude, im not talking about Wii im talking about Wii-U could possibly have variety for non hardcore gamers such as myself and others who chose not to be controlled by open world games. illuminati dont control me.
what im trying to say maybe im tooo old fashion to still play video games but im sure there are still diehard old school gamers still like to play up-dated old games of yesteryear some side scrolling games.

DualWielding1533d ago

I really hate when Nintendo fanboys criticize the other consoles for just being the same thing but "prettier", "I don't want the same thing in HD I want new experiences" but when Nintendo offers Wind Waker, same game but "prettier" (and at full price as if it was a new game)then they are all "Nintendo take my money"

worldwidegaming1533d ago

Many said the same thing about tomb raider the definitive edition.
If there is a better version down the road people will buy it. This goes for just about anything.

Benjaminkno1533d ago

I don't care about Windwaker (which has lots of gamepad uses), but I'm speaking in general. My point is that every experience we get on Ps4 can easily be emulated on it's predecessor, saving some shading and extra detail.

This insane lust for graphical superiority is destroying smaller developers everywhere. For now, this new generation of consoles is completely unnecessary. My Ps4 is not being played, mainly because nothing interests me. WiiU has unique experiences.

N4g_null1533d ago

Like did we really need another killzone? I have the god of war collection I hope I won't have to buy it again.

DualWielding1533d ago

Unique experiences are not necessarily a good think, take Donkey Kong Country Returns.... In the Wii you had to shake wii motes in order to roll.... that may have been innovative and different from the original SNES trilogy but it totally sucked......

On the 3DS the gameplay is the same as the SNES games, making the game the same thing as SNES games but "prettier" and its awesome...... Tropical Freeze doesn't use the gamepad for anythign so its also the same thing but preetier. I haven't played but I'm also sure it is better game for it..... tacking up stupid gimmicks just for purpose of being "innovative" is not a good thing...

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Hugodastrevas1533d ago

Nintendo has lots of money to spend so they can take their time to rebuild 3rd party relations. They have the time, money and exclusives to get themselves out of this hole, all they need is to get their heads out of casual players asses and return to their roots.

Benjaminkno1533d ago

ZombiU wasn't that great. I'd rather see more collaborations.

Late ports aren't helping anyone.

RamboRabbi1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Nintendo have (imo) the most loyal fan base, Nintendo don't change their target audience every few months because of a stupid trend or popular genre. They have built a company based on traditional 1st party titles not money hungry 3rd party publishers that release bad quality games every year. I say good luck to Nintendo and I for one will always be a fan of their handhelds but the Wii was never really my cup of tea.

N4g_null1533d ago

Nope it is not loyalty it is quality. I hated Mario kart double dash with a passion. Yet the latest kart games are prefect. I may not buy another Zelda till link to the past is made with that game play style and possible art style with some new stuff.

Loyalty is when you buy a console and your games has not even came out yet.... ps4 owners I'm looking at you but hey there is always watch dogs and second son! Titan fall still looks tasty.

There is no real loyalty in this industry. We are all turn coats in it for our selves right.

Unless you are getting paid to be a fan.... website owners?

locomorales1533d ago

Another Nintendo doom and gloom article. An ego massage for Nintendo haters.

MichaelZack1533d ago

I'm actually a Nintendo fan. I own every system they make and am hoping they take their head out of their ass and start making intelligent decisions.

locomorales1533d ago

They're trying to make decisions that bring money to the company. It seems they don't care who will like their products.

fonger081533d ago

Decent article but the biggest issue I have with it is it's assuming that if Nintendo were to re-dedicate themselves to the core/hardcore gamer there would actually be money in it. Look at the PS3/360/Wii era, Sony and Microsoft lost billions in the HD generation even with their systems selling in 80 millions each with countless software hits between the two. Now even with the PS4 selling out every where they are selling the system at a loss and each AAA game costing an average of 20-30 million (last generation) to produce develop and market. This market has razor thin margins for profit especially for the hardware producers, there is a very big reason why nintendo is pursuing other avenues to make money since gaming alone causal, core, or hard core doesn't help support the big 3 that much anymore.

SpiralTear1533d ago

I'm with nifonge.

Competing directly has never really been Nintendo's forte, which is why I think going right for Sony and Microsoft's throats is a bad idea. They need something to stand out, some sort of noticeable little novelty that will grab attention, with the games library keeping buyers on board. It's not about casual vs. hardcore anymore. It's about just standing out.

Sony and Microsoft benefit from attempting to outdo each other because their visions for the game market are a bit more similar. It's easier for them to match wits. Nintendo, in general, doesn't have that luxury, so they go in the other direction with cheaper hardware, accessible pricing, and a more dedicated game design.

Nintendo, unlike its competitors, can make something obscure into something cool. They proved that with the DS and the Wii. I don't think going for a widespread audience is inherently bad, which is what I'm gathering from this article.

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