The Elder Scrolls Online: See What GPU Can Handle the Game at 4K Resolution

While most of us were enjoying The Elder Scrolls Online's endless possibility of exploration, Russian GPU testing site Gamegpu was busy trying to push the game's graphics to its limit and testing what GPU and CPU are good to play the game at max settings at 4K resolution.

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KrisButtar1624d ago

Am I suppose to see a difference in the Full HD and 4K other than the angle of the view? Doesn't seem worth putting the extra money into a PC just up it to 4K.

Pandamobile1624d ago

Well, you do have a 4-fold increase in pixels. You can't truly appreciate the difference unless you have a 4K monitor.

Bengaroo1624d ago

I can see they've posted 3840x2160 screens but if they were only running the same beta version (assuming the ongoing beta is a newer code) everyone else was, they weren't actually running the game in 4K.

Even when setting higher than 1920x1080 in the settings and having it stay when applied, internally the game still ran at 1920x1080 as that's as far as the beta would go.

I'd love to be able to downsample in this upcoming beta weekend though, the game desperately needed it.

Volkama1624d ago

In Soviet Russia 4k resolution plays you. So I think the tests are still valid there.

clouds51624d ago

4k is pointless unless you have a 4k display which is kinda pointless because there is very little 4k content.
Just imho :-)

Coach_McGuirk1624d ago

little content? just about any game lets you set the resolution..

clouds51623d ago

True but for me gaming is only a part of what i do. Movies, Streaming... For a poor guy like me it's just not worth it.

Lon3wolf1624d ago

So XFire/SLI is not supported fully in this game? Only the NVidias ran with dual GPU and it made no difference to frame rates from those results.

mcgrottys1624d ago

4k looks better even on a 1080p monitor (just look at them textures). I am not surprised though because the witcher 2's ubersampling was essentially rendering the game at 4k and sampling it down to 1080p, giving the scene better AA and more accurate color.

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