Mario Kart 8 can be pre-ordered once again on Amazon

After strangely selling out about a week ago, Mario Kart 8 is available for pre-order once again on Amazon.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1655d ago

Wonder if this second round will sell out on Amazon as well...
It'd be a good sign if it did.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1655d ago

I was going to pre-order it but while I was on my way to the computer I slipped on a banana peel and banged my head on a green turtle shell.

wonderfulmonkeyman1654d ago

Shoulda done a drift, man.
Shoulda done a drift...

DarkZane1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I wouldn't worry about not finding this in stores. There will probably be way more than enough copies out there for everyone. You probably don't need to preorder, just walk in a store and it will be there.

bobsmith1655d ago

kart wii was sold out in all stores forever
at least you can download now

DryBoneKoopa851655d ago

I just pre ordered my copy. Can't wait! End of the month Super Mario Kart comes out on the Virtual Console. Also a day one buy for me lol.

danny8181655d ago

Nintendo faking or trying to build hype. Lol not even working

EliteGameKnight1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

If you're saying that without any proof, then the same can be said when Sony or Microsoft get a good amount of preorders.

That being said, Nintendo doesn't control Amazon's stock, and I doubt it very much that Amazon would disable it to build hype. Its bad business giving up money like that, and Nintedo wouldn't pay them the difference even if they did.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Mario Kart? No. Brand New Zelda? Sure I'll waste $250 for that! Get on it.