The Titanfall Bunduru Problem

Written by Jared Zimmermann - "Evening readers. This week I’m going to be looking shortly at the new Xbox One Titanfall Edition Bundle.

Well *up* there it is. The new thing that Microsoft thinks might save the current goals of Xbox One sales. Now I’m an Xbox and Sony fan. True I don’t own a PS4 yet, as I feel there is nothing that really jumps to me right now. I’m sure you all remember the thrashing you gave me on Dark Confidant #2. I still want to pose that question down the line though, maybe 6 months or so when the “new console fever” dies down. Anyway, let’s look at the big problems with the new bundle."

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pompombrum1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

While I'd have wished for something special about it, I think giving Titanfall away free with the console (or the nice little price drop in the UK) is just enough to help give the Xbox One a push in the right direction. It's convinced me to invest in an Xbox One anyway and tbh I was on the fence before the bundle was announced.

BadlyPackedKeebab1534d ago

ditto, I got a gamestop preorder in at £370 for the bundle which I am quite happy with. I wouldnt have previously gone near it but it was just enough of a move to let me buy it as a second system for the exclusives.

pompombrum1534d ago

Have you used gamestop before? I was tempted to get it from there too at that price however I sent them an email (only customer support they offer) on Friday asking what courier they used and still haven't heard back. This has kind of put me off ordering from them.

BadlyPackedKeebab1534d ago


No I havent and yes.. I am already having those concerns... I too emailed with a similar question and have heard nothing. It also annoyed me there was no way to cancel than with the same email system that they are not responding on. Having heard what I have heard I would ideally cancel and just pay the 399 at shopto or somewhere where I know I will get A class service.

pompombrum1534d ago

Well I got an email from them about an hour ago, I'll copy and paste the response:

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your query with GameStop.

We can never guarantee when an order will be shipped,
but I would expect it to be sent out a couple of days before the release.

The courier we use is Royal Mail Express.

Seeing how you pay up front, I'm not going to risk it and stick to GAME's midnight launch. Good luck with your order anyway, hopefully they do send out a few days before and you'll get yours Thursday

BadlyPackedKeebab1534d ago

@aiBreeze, I decided to try and cancel the order. I managed to find a hidden away phone number for them but that just goes to an answerphone. Hopefully they will get back to me but if not I will order from elsewhere on Thursday and fight about the return with them if they decide to send it after all.

I cannot believe, given how big they are in the US how they behave. They literally seem to operate like a dodgy ebay trading company. And thats a discredit to many fine companies that run on ebay!!!

pompombrum1534d ago

If they were prompt at their email responses it wouldn't be so bad but with no other customer support and two working days to get back to you by email, seems a little unprofessional. Not to mention there is no such delivery method as Royal Mail Express.

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Hugodastrevas1534d ago

I have to agree with the article, they should have included a steelbook of titanfall (instead of DL)or something to make the purchase more tangible. But at least they are trying to put up a fight.

SmoothC9111534d ago

I didn't preorder at launch but bought XBO in December. I do feel a little burned since I bought it mostly in anticipation of Titanfall; had I known about this I would have just waited.

ezlife1534d ago

ok, if you have a one and you want Titanfall for the cheap,
gamestop in north America is giving 450 for a pre-owned xbox one and 10 for the headset. But you have to trade towards a another system to get the 450, here in florida we only pay tax on the trade difference. So for only 40 plus tax on the 40, I got a fresh xbox one, 1 month of xbox live , and titanfall...

It was a no-brainer for me.

This ends on the 23rd

Good luck

blakstarz1534d ago

Now that this bundle is out, I just may get one now.

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