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Microsoft’s Titanfall Draws Crowd Around the Block at SXSW

“Titanfall,” a first-person shooter that is being described a potentially pivotal to the success of Microsoft's (MSFT) Xbox 360, was one or the hottest tickets on Tuesday night in Austin at the SXSW festival. (Culture, PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Lawboy2  +   234d ago
Wow that is amazing...I love this game
tbone567  +   234d ago
The world is excited about Titanfall.
jonboi24  +   234d ago
Hope this game does well and that it pushes Respawn to do bigger things for the sequel. I have a funny feeling the a lot of crazy ideas that they couldn't get in this game will be in the sequel. I just hope this franchise doesn't get stale as fast as COD.
SynestheticRoar  +   234d ago
Kool. Every bit counts.
No_Limit  +   234d ago
Whoa..Mariahellfutura actually posted a positive XB1 article and it got approved? Good job Maria, I was wrong about you all this time. :-)
MrKrispy  +   234d ago
But then she'll post 4 or 5 negative ones to make herself feel better
KonsoruMasuta  +   234d ago
Mariahellfutura submit positive XboxOne articles all the time. It's just easier for Xbots when they point their fingers and yell bias, rather than accepting the negative.
MrKrispy  +   234d ago
when has she ever posted positive ones this is the 1st positive one she has done as the rest of the time they're negative even if it means that she posts the same article twice within hours of each other or uses a tweet but leaves out part of the statement just for hits
jessupj  +   234d ago
Amazing that a brand new ip can draw crowds like this.

Guess people are craving for a new COD experience.
jasondracd  +   234d ago
Nice long line outside one of my local Game stops for Titanfall here in Timonium Maryland.
jahcure  +   234d ago
are you talking about across from the fairgrounds? I went there and there was absolutely no line. 2 people were in the store though. This was at 12:09 AM
This generation has been, so far the laziest, most selfish, and unfulfilling generation of them all! Oh wait, we're talking about gaming. Never mind.
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Games_R_Us  +   234d ago
Cant wait for this game, its gonna be Epic!

As for the haters, go play something you like, and leave the Xbox/PC fans alone to enjoy their games please.
a_adji  +   234d ago
I am ready to buy an xbone for this game and in the UK the price is definitely right.

I wonder how many new people will buy into this though as I think the most people excited already own the system.

This gens sales arent good at all; look at how Sony has just dropped in Japan after a week.
sak500  +   234d ago
I bought it yesterday, started playing @ 7.30pm after coming back from office and once i started i didn't know how much the time passed but when i felt sleepy and checked the clock and it was 1.15am. Was able to rank upto 17 and managed to get 200+ of chevos. Even with 6 v 6 it's pretty hectic, u can't stay long in titan if you're not playing with together in party.

Since it was leaked early i did face waiting in lobby for upto 5 mins and same party of 6 kept coming in as opposite team and were ramming us badly.

I couldn't find anyone in campaign lobby but hopefully tonight all modes should be easily connectable.

I'll probably be playing it for a long time. It's fun and fast but was hoping to have better visuals for next gen console considering big jump from ps2/xb to 360/ps3.

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