Titanfall's achievement lies in allowing the player to find fun in failure

There have been few games so dogged in rewarding players for their time than Titanfall. The smart pistol is there for people who need help aiming, and don’t mind being a little sneaky to get their kills. You can farm creeps to gain quicker access to your Titan or to gain points for your team.

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badboy7761658d ago

Seems like a great game but way to much hype from bias reviewers and nobody wants to point out the online only no single player elephant in the room so I figured I'd do it!

ArbitorChief1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

So should we point out all SP only games for not having a MP?

So you're saying MP games don't have as much replayabilty as SP games... Guess all those PC gamers still playing TF2, Quake, CS, DOTA, League, CoD4, Warcraft 3, WoW aren't still playing these games right... RIGHT?!

monkeyDzoro1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

SP is the core of games in the that in allow a player through gameplay, to progress in the story to see what happens. And by making compelling stories, devs entice players to debate on key elements of the story which can be used in for potential sequel.
That's why, you can play good SP games w/ good gameplay even years after. I'm still playing UC2,3 and GodOfWar1,2,3 and MassEffect1,2,3 and many others.

MP has none of it. You play it, you may enjoy it. 6 months later in the best cases, all the magic has gone. A year after, hackers have polluted the game. 2 years afters servers starts to go down and the game dies.

CrossingEden1658d ago

@monkeyDzoro, what world do you live in where games like LoL, TF2, MMOs like GW2 and WoW shut down after 2 years? Would you kindly stop talking out of your arse and leave your own little world.

Sitdown1658d ago

So there is more replay potential in a SP game where you know the habits of the AI, than in MP games where each match can be completely different? Is progressing Through a story the reason why fighting game are popular? And perhaps I've been doing it wrong all these years... but I don't recall ever debating what would be the next story line for Mario.

mkis0071658d ago

I don't like the argument either way. It is a weak argument.

Just have Single player is no better or worse than just have multiplayer. It depends what kind of gamer you are. Ms and Xbox are known for multiplayer... they helped make it mainstream. So it would follow that a multiplayer only game should find more success on their console. Multiplayer is not my thing unless it is with friends on the couch so that is why I am more a PlayStation guy. That said I hope Sony can find it's multiplayer game that can go toe to toe with Halo/COD Sales.

Single player only games can have lasting replay value if done correctly with things like new game +,open world, multiple paths/endings. I am only slightly worried for Ready at Dawn for 1886..for a linear game could be reduced to a rental to money conscious gamers. Then again god of war 1-3 had so much to show that I never felt like trading them in. So the point is that a truly good single player only game, with sincere passion put in to it, can be just as worthy of keeping around. I love this about my Playstation games. So much passion and risk goes into the stories. I hope MS gets to that level of single player gaming, Remedy is a good start max Payne is amazing.

So basically what I am saying is don't resort to such a weak argument, play what you want to play. Just having one or the other is by no means a shortcoming as long as the final product thrives due to the omission.

Mr Pumblechook1658d ago

This is one of five articles posted yesterday to celebrate and promote Titanfall.

If this website is indeed being sponsored for targeted editorial content then they should be banned for disguising advertisements as editorial.

Bernlock1658d ago

I refuse to buy games that don't have multiplayer. I hate spending 60 bucks on a game i play for a week and never touch again. I end up just trying to fly through Campaigns so I can hop online and play with my friends

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urwifeminder1658d ago

Failing in games is where I shine , looking forward to it.

2pacalypsenow1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

this game is really unbalanced i was in a room with mostly all level 3-7 (8 myself) and the other team had people levels 20-35 and the guns they had .......

WeAreLegion1658d ago

They're working on it. The point difference at the end of every match I've played has been staggering. It just released though. This happens. They'll fix it.

Bernlock1658d ago

There will always be that initial problem. They gotta let everything balance itself out