New Final Fantasy XIV Mount Revealed

Square Enix recently announced that a brand new mount will be introduced with the release of update 2.2, a floating platform kept airborne by some rather volatile bombs.

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Shad0wRunner1623d ago

Pretty sweet...but I still love my coeurl mount. I just hate that they make you go thru SO much crap before you can finally ride a mount in FFXIV. But once you get the work done and out of the's SO worth it. ^_-

Bengaroo1623d ago

Not bad.

Proof though, that if you can twist the lore a little and have a creative mind, you should keep adding different mounts.

They are icons of MMO's.

Even Aion, a game which the characters have wings, caved in to public demand and added a bunch of (very cool) mounts.

I hope Elder Scrolls Online does the same. I got into an argument with some beta players the other week, swearing by the need to keep horses as the only ever mounts in game, due to the lore.

Why not have a Guar or a Dwemer mechanical creation or something?

MonChiChi1623d ago

I am getting so itchy waiting for 2.2 patch. Primals EX are all done weapon wise, bc gear achievements and gear all done. I finally hit the wall of boredom haha, thank god March is riddled with new games to hold me over till the update.