New Sega Genesis Title Announced, Magic Girl

Carl Williams writes, "Now this is the norm for independent releases on defunct systems, Magic Girl is an overhead scrolling shooter for the Sega Genesis. Super Fighter Team are bringing this new title out sometime in 2015."

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MegaRay1655d ago

Why not on PC? I never understand developers... (even indie are devs)

triverse1654d ago

Since they are simply translating and porting the game their hands are probably tied as far as platforms go. It would be great to see these titles available in more widespread ways though.

Geobros1655d ago

For releasing a game to a console so old they have to be very very big fans of genesis.

triverse1655d ago

This is not their first Genesis release, I believe it is probably #4 or #5 actually. So yeah, they are big fans. They also release stuff for PC and SNES.