Photos of Hollywood’s Youngest Stars as They Help Decorate a Giant Yoshi Egg at Nintendo Event

Nintendo has released some photos of its recent Yoshi event.

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DryBoneKoopa851620d ago

Its interesting to see Nintendo in the public's eye a lot lately (In a good way).

I just wish Nintendo would focus on its older demographic as well. I, being 29, grew up with Nintendo and still enjoy there tittles to this day. I just hope with games like X, Bayo 2 and Shin VS Fire they will do more adult advertising and commercializing.

If they don't its still ok. Just would feel nice to know Nintendo has not forgotten or given up on there older audience.

Will be picking up the new Yoshi's Island this weekend. I wish Nintendo would release Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for the virtual console this Thursday. Most likely not but it would still be cool to see it pop up for purchase.

RamsesNum11620d ago

How is this gaming related? Who cares! I don't understand how this site reports anything related to the gaming culture but allows it when relatively unknown celebrities hold a Yoshi egg.