Dragon Age Inquisition: ‘Explore a Vast, Living and Multi-Region Open World’

BioWare has recently released a new Dragon Age Inquisition environmental video, Discover the Dragon Age, revealing multiple scenarios from the “dramatic world of Thedas”. The upcoming next-gen action RPG will be the vastest and richest game of the Dragon Age series and it will feature a multi-region open world.

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Bigpappy1531d ago

I like the sound of an opened world Dragon Age.

Senyra1531d ago

The video looks amazing. I can't wait to see more about the gameplay tho.

starchild1531d ago

I am very excited about both Dragon Age Inquisition and The Witcher 3. I'm going to spend many hours in both games.

anticlimax1531d ago

I'm unsure if I'm honest. Openworld is almost always scattered storyline. 'closed world' sorta speak keeps the pace and the intensity in the story.

The comments about not being like Skyrim do give some sense of relief tho.

Bigpappy1531d ago

The world is not as opened or detailed as Skyrim. They said this much early last year.

anticlimax1531d ago

It's less about how detailed it is, and more about how storydriven the game is. If there is four times as much content in sidequests, than there is in the main line, I loose interest...

porkChop1531d ago

Ok hold on. First they said it was open world. Then they said it wasn't really an open world game, just bigger levels. Now it's suddenly back to being an open world game? Make up your minds.

Aleithian1531d ago

And for this reason, coupled with the disaster that was DAII, I will wait until it has been out for awhile before buying.

SolidGear31531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

But I loved DAII :(

Hicken1531d ago

It's not that DAII was bad, per se. It just wasn't as good as Origins. They tried to change too much, and the game wound up suffering. DAII never pulled me and and held on like the first game.

So I'll remain cautiously optimistic on this one.

Roccetarius1531d ago

It does seem like they don't know where they're going with it, which is why many people aren't sure about buying it.

jessupj1531d ago

I wonder how close will the PS4 version be to that amazing video I just saw?

The Meerkat1531d ago

That did look rather nice.

MilkMan1531d ago

Thats what I'm talking about! Keep it coming Bioware.