Xbox One & DirectX 12 Theories Conclusions & Opinions - Secret Sauce?

In just a few short days (March 20th, 2014) Microsoft are to unveil their latest API (application programming interface) directx 12.

What will this likely mean for the Xbox One ?

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lifeisgamesok1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Maximized beautiful tessellation, lighting (ray traced) and overall next gen graphics I'm betting

Wagers? :)

And even if X1 wasn't created to fully implement every dx12 feature it'll still be a good benefit

kingdip901623d ago

Any games that will utilize this will have started development recently since it's new. It could take year/s before you see the games using direct x12, are you saying people who bought xbox one should have to wait over a year after release to see next gen graphics?

christocolus1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago ) guys again. so Ryse, forza5, watchdogs, the witcher 3, Nba 2k14, tomb raider:de and quantum break dont qualify as next gen to you? are they not all on the xbx one too? lol. You guys keep saying the most ignorant things. Direct x12 will only make xbx one games look much better than they are now .it will open way for better optimization of the hardware by freeing up resources and enabling room for more efficient coding and programming techniques to be used on the console. If you dont understand, you could do some more research on direct x to know more about it instead of downplaying the article.

kingdip901623d ago


Don't try and question my opinion here, the original poster said that direct x12 will bring next gen graphics, he is the one saying xbox one is not next gen not me. All I am doing is merely going with his logic and trying to find out if he meant what he said as litterally as it sounded.

Ezz20131623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


dude, just get over it
with DX12,Move Engine, tiled resources ,innovative memory system,cloud
xbox will only keep evolving and evolving and before you know it xbox one will be using DX13 not just DX12

Misterxmedia will prove it and also show to everyone where Microsoft hide the other GPU

xbox one is built for the future and the future is xbox one

Respect the Secret Sauce

ZombieDust1622d ago

Kingdip logic? No. You are merely taking one guys bad phrasing and taking it as gospel and refusing to think any further for yourself.

If I were to assume you think x1 doesnt have next gen visuals, you would basically be saying the same thing for ps4. Which obviously is bs. Both habe great looking games and both their games will only get better looking. Remember what 360 and ps3 launch games looked like?

kingdip901622d ago


I am all for logical discussion but honestly I see no call for it here.

Yes direct x12 will improve graphics but it can't make up for hardware limitations, these people clinging onto the notion that it will somehow massively improve xbox ones graphics fidelity are holding onto blind hope and not logic.

They don't deserve logic in return.

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aceitman1623d ago

let me get this right , this is the secret sauce , I thought dx11 was supposed to make battlefield 4 run better on x1 , cause ps4 doesn't have it. but it runs and looks better on ps4 , so how is this supposed to make x1 run better.

ArbitorChief1623d ago

From what I've read about DX12 that's MS has hinted. DX12 is going to be similar to Mantle and allow developers to access the GPU a lot better compared to DX11 which is bloated with software that blocks developers from fully accessing the GPU. So in a way DX12 could benefit the XB1 and improve FPS and resolutions.

porkChop1623d ago


That won't make a difference at all. The low-level access provided by Mantle on PC is nowhere near what you get on console where low-level means pretty much nothing since you're already coding directly to the hardware. DX12 also isn't really possible due to the fact that XB1's GPU is based on a GPU series that did not have hardware support for DX12.

morganfell1623d ago

Real secret sauce is horsepower.

Remember, MS said the purposely did not target high end graphics. No DX12 imaginings are going to overcome the bandwidth restriction of ESRAM.

Eonjay1623d ago

Well, for starters, PS4 ALWAYS supported DX 11.2.
Proof: GDC 2013 PSSL - Its on page 4 of the actual slide from the show.

This was before the Battlefield talk got going. The problem is that people just ignored it. The simply didn't care because they live in a fantasy. There is no reason to doubt that the latest features of DX12 will also be supported or emulated in some way.

Also, people have to remember that the GPUs inside of both machines are identical architectures. The only difference is that the PS4 is more powerful (has more shaders etc)

There is literally nothing that the Xbox One's GPU can do that the PS4's can't do better.

Volkama1623d ago

Eonjay there is reason to doubt that the PS4 can offer any support for DirectX 12. We don't know if it requires supporting hardware as DirectX versions often do. Not to mention differences in the OS it runs on.

The GPUs may be kindred designs, but the API doesn't exclusively access the GPU. The rest of the hardware is not identical.

I'm not trying to get on-board with any Mr X "the XBox is a tardis with tonnes of extra hardware" nonsense. The PS4 will probably be able to emulate any feature (or more importantly emulate the results) of DirectX 12. But we have no information at all, so it's all quite baseless speculation at the moment and you should always doubt speculation :)

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Alan_Shore1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Expect dx 12 to make the gpu interact with the weird parts of xbox one like data move engines and esram alot better and less resource wasting.

Better toolsets. Better frames per second.

Easier to develop for.

Probally not better res though. Depends how much more the api makes the gpu less resource hungry.

koliosis1623d ago

The truth shall be revealed in due time my friends

corvusmd1623d ago

Oh my god...I wanted to watch this video, but he just talks and talks and talks and says nothing...

@aceitman BF4 actually runs better on XB1 albeit at a lower res, but the hopes were that it'd use DX 11.2 on XB1 which it didn't because the SDKs weren't out yet...just FYI

stuna11623d ago

Oh he was saying alot! It's just you weren't listening or, you didn't want to hear.

Agent_hitman1623d ago

HAHAHAHAHA secret sauce.. No, but seriously I guess X1 will improve with the help of DX12, only minimal improvements but it won't surpass PS4's capability.

Copen1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Everyone believing this crap can overcome the weaker hardware on the X1 also believes that ONLY the X1 will get better. So I guess what the PS4 is at a stand still? Sonys system won't get better further down the line as well? Xbox fans are deluding themselves I mean I didn't think resolution mattered framerates don't matter either apparently UNTIL it comes to the X1 then it matters right? The hypocrisy is mind blowing and apparently all the excuses about how framerate and resolution being unimportant we're just a cop out after all. Nothing on the software side is going to make up the performance gap in the hardware so the sooner you all accept that the better off you'll all be.

Kavorklestein1623d ago

Seriously? ^This crap again? No one is gonna say they don't want more graphical power in their console, they are just saying the difference between the presentation of multiplats isn't gonna sway their decision to buy the games. No hypocrisy at all. I keep seeing some idiots (like you) saying that X1 owners are hypocrites, even though, they never said "I want the console's games to stay at the resolutions the games are currently being released at, with no updates or optimization.. ever." They are simply saying the difference between multiplat graphics/framerates is so minimal that it doesn't affect their decision to purchase or play a game. OF course they will be all excited for updates or improvements.. only a fool wouldn't want that.

Who the hell wouldn't want their system's graphics to get better with time? Supporting/looking forward to graphical advancements when you are perfectly satisfied with the resolution a console ALREADY displays is NOT hypocrisy... You dill-tards need to learn the definition of the word.

Nobody ever says they wouldn't welcome new features or optimizations.. they simply are saying they aren't swayed by the fact their version of a specific game/games is less polished or "inferior" to PS4 or pc. The only thing you got right in your whole statement is that BOTH consoles are gonna improve with time. DUH.

But to say xb1 supporters are hypocrites for looking forward to improvements is retarded. Learn the definitions of words before you type. Google is your friend.

Evilsnuggle1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

People are not saying x1 fans are hypocrites because they want better frame rates. It's because when graphic come up because PS4 has better frame rates and higher res than x1. The x1 fanboys always down play higher resolution as importance . As the video said directx will help improve development on the x1 . It will not over come 30-50% GPU power that PS4 has over x1. It will give at best case 5% improvement and that is being extremely generous. More importance is the advantage PS4 for has more powerful GPU better optimization of draw distance and frame rates effect game play.

Kavorklestein1622d ago

It doesn't matter if people are saying they don't care if their version of the game looks worse than the PS4, that doesn't make them hypocrites for welcoming improvements

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