Dark Souls II on Next-Gen Consoles "Wasn't Necessary"

"Though the game features a new game engine that produces better graphics and lighting, and most importantly is scalable to what developers need, I keep asking myself is this the best version we’re going to see on consoles, or is more news awaiting?"

~ Alex Martinet, GameRevolution

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dbjj120881618d ago

Yeah, because there's a PC version :P

I have an Apple though, so hate away.

acharlez1618d ago

PC version indeed the way to go

nucky641618d ago

yea....waiting 6 more weeks is exactly what i want to do.......S

Palitera1618d ago

Yeah, nucky, I also want to play with only cheaters, nothing more than cheaters!
Yay! The best way to enjoy a game!

Alexander1Nevermind1617d ago

Yup PC is the way to go. Dark Souls is unmatched on it. I most likely will pre-order form Steam before the month is out.

joab7771618d ago

Maybe not needed but it would have been nice to see on next gen too.

dbjj120881617d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it made the jump.

ftwrthtx1618d ago

I guess they didn't want to make more money

hulk_bash19871618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Over 80+ million install base on both Xbox 360 and PS3, not to mention the PC install base. I'm pretty sure they went with the most effective cost-to-earning route.

JsonHenry1618d ago

^^This. But it wouldn't hurt to port it with all the dlc stuff you know they'll add.

ftwrthtx1618d ago

Porting to the PS4 and Xbox One isn't all that cost consuming now from the PC version.

hulk_bash19871618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )


I'm not saying a port wouldn't bring in money, I'm just saying that their current model should be plenty profitable.

jc485731618d ago

It's best to start this gen with new games. Let it stay on PS360 and PC.

Hellsvacancy1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

BF4, AC4, COD, Forza, Killzone, Fifa

That's loads of "new" next gen games

That last bit is sarcasm for those that need it spelling out to them

iWishTifaWasReal1618d ago

screw it. just release it DIGITALLY. COPY AND PASTE the PC version and release it Digitally on PS4


then, PROFIT

come on Namco

KonsoruMasuta1618d ago

It's not that simple. You make it sound like it can be done in two minutes.

Raider691618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Redone the code,than open new servers and test would take more than one year to release a PS4 and Xboxone version and since development of all platforms has been made in house only by From Software i dont see them leaving a port for ps4 and Xboxone for an other development studio.The time they would spend Porting would be time lose on making a true next version game and since Miyazaki is already working on a new yet to be announce game i have a hard time expecting that a port of Demon Souls 2 will actually be viable at this point.They will cash in on Demon souls 2 on the PS3, xbox 360 and PC and move to the next game.

Maxor1618d ago

Maybe not 2 minutes. But it should not be difficult. If the PS4 is indeed easy to develop for then the lack nextgen availability on some titles simply boggles the mind. You would think that there are a bunch of indie devs porting their games like mad for the PS4 but nope. It's a ghost town out there. For example there isn't a single episode of Walking Dead on the PS4 forcing me to continue this franchise on Steam instead.

What's going on Sony??

sdozzo1618d ago

I just started playing stuff on pc.

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