H-Hour: World's Elite - Beta Info, New Videos And Screens

MP1st - Today, SOF Studios released a brand-new video showcasing the grenade in H-Hour: World's Elite, along with revealing many new details about the game's Beta and how you can participate in it.

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Nitrowolf21446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

It's gonna be a long wait, but I really do hope this game returns the glory of Socom.

Not to happy that $45 doesn't give us the whole game, only The beta, considering the full game on the kickstarter page was $15. I only assume caus ethe Beta tier was $150 plus game and other stuff it's that much .

logan_izer101446d ago

That's why it's considered a donation

dcj05241446d ago

Well, it's an investment.

webeblazing1446d ago

Its costing so much because they didn't get a lot of support. The made enough to make a demo to find a publisher. Good to here its still alive. Glad their gonna lead with PC. I hope the support mods and have a level editor.

BattleAxe1446d ago

SOF Studios is making all of the right moves. These guys are really organized, and seem to have all of their ducks in a row. There's no question that they will find a publisher for this game, and there's also no question that this game will be a quality team based tactical shooter experience. From everything I've seen so far, everything is looking real good.

No1up1446d ago

When this comes out, it will put all other shooters to shame, it's sad we have to go backwards to go forward. Long live socom!!

mafiahajeri1446d ago

Confrontation was absolute rubbish one of the worst games I've ever played, hope this is better

No1up1446d ago

No when I talk about socom, I speak only for 1 and 2.

morganfell1446d ago

I was a SOCOM 1 and 2 player but most people that hated Confrontation played it the first month and quit. It took 6 months but they made a lot of changes to bring it back in line with SOCOM 2. Now SOCOM 4 that was horrible.

sAVAge_bEaST1446d ago

Man, I have high hopes,. please don't disappoint.

WeAreLegion1446d ago

Lookin' good. I can't wait!

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