Twitch is now live on Xbox One

Twitch Streaming is now live on Xbox One

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Bigpappy1619d ago

Twitch was always live on X1. This is Twitch BROADCAST.

XBOX, Broadcast.

tbone5671619d ago

The Titanfall revolution is upon us. Today is a good day.

STANK081619d ago

March 11th shall be glorious! The revolution will be televised.

Wizard_King1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

How is it revolutionary?

the fact that they are broadcasting game play video of a video game over the internet or that you have a new COD game?

I find nothing at all revolutionary about TF, everything it does has been done already.

Prove me wrong.

EDIT at Spurg -

Please tell me what is revolutionary about this whole situation? I'm not butthurt I am simply calling out fanboys on their bullcrap. Streaming footage is nothing new, welcome to 2014 if you have been asleep for the last 10 years or so...

Darkfire3691619d ago

Dark Souls 2 is coming out...forgot already? Oh yeah, and Titanfall.

Spurg1619d ago

Alert...butthurt....someone is butthurt

christocolus1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

So he doesnt have the right to find it revolutionary? Go read some reviews of the game. The word "revolutionary" was used quite a lot while describing the game and i remember the same twitch streaming being called revolutionary by ps fans at ps4 launch so why cant he?

Its ok if you feel it isnt but dont try to stop others from having their own opinions or your going to decide that for us now?

badboy7761619d ago

New Voice Command

Xbox:Self Destruct


You sound very bitter to me sir. Please tell me what game on any consoles is revolutionary these days? Not really many if any. TF is just a fun game that millions are hyped for and will enjoy so please go elsewhere with your negativity.

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GodGinrai1619d ago

Im expecting a tonne of videos of people getting killed by me and my atlas. Good times ahead!

slate911619d ago

Man its very laggy though. Makes each killer instinct match lag like crazy. Theyll iron it out I hope

GamerEuphoria1619d ago

Plants Vs Zombies runs fine on it, streaming it now with no issues

slate911619d ago

Damn I hope its not an issue on my end

GamerEuphoria1619d ago

People disagreeing...really, go make some orange juice instead.

Neoninja1619d ago

"People disagreeing...really, go make some orange juice instead."

I laughed way harder than I should have at that comment.

Septic1619d ago

I streamed Killer Instinct all last night. I was playing against people in the USA. No lag whatsoever and I was Twitch broadcasting at High Quality.

WeAreLegion1619d ago

Have fun! I freakin' love Twitch. ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.