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GameDynamo - "BioWare knows it didn’t exactly do right by the fans of the Dragon Age franchise with its last game. Though generally well-received, Dragon Age II was not without some notable faults, including a smaller world, simpler combat and fewer gameplay freedoms compared to its predecessor, Dragon Age: Origins. BioWare doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again, and it’s working to ensure that Dragon Age: Inquisition rights the wrongs and advances the series forward as far as it can go."

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Hopefully it's more like Origins because I cannot go back to the walls of kirk.Cannot,will not.

rayzorn1656d ago

looking forward to this.

loved dao.

da2 would not of been to bad if they did not reuse all of the maps over and over again. that was my biggest complaint with it. there where others but that was the worst for me.

TheTowelBoy1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Is DaO that much better on PC? I'm thinking of picking it up. I loved the game, I wonder if the top down strategy thing sounds intriguing

Sly-Lupin1656d ago

It's slightly better, but not much. The "CRPG" mode is really shallow, and (like every other aspect of the game) doesn't really hold a candle next to the older games it (tries to) emulate.

anticlimax1656d ago

I think it matters to what you're comparing it. If you're way more into rpgs than arpgs it'll be way better.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1656d ago

Wish it was next gen and PC only.

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