An unofficial way to play PC games with an Xbox One controller may appear as soon as tomorrow

Despite Xbox 360 controller support being pretty common in PC titles over the last years - to the point where it’s recommended in the requirements list of some games - there’s still no official support for Xbox One controllers.

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Yi-Long1593d ago

Agreed. It's a shame there are no official drivers yet for the XBO or PS4 controller yet, to use them on the PC.

beebap1593d ago

You can use ps4 controller from launch

Yi-Long1593d ago

@Beebap: I know, but you'll need to jump through a bunch of hoops to get that PS4 controller to function properly on your PC.

I know, cause I've been using a PS4 controller on my PC for the last 3-4 days orso. Although at the moment it is recognized as a standard USB-controller, and not as a 360 controller, so I still need to change some stuff, to really get it to work properly for most games.

badz1491593d ago

this is kinda ironic don't you think? this is the Xbone controller that we're talking about and it's still not officially supported on their own OS almost 4 months after launch but Sony was like "you want to use the DS4 on PC? sure...go ahead!" just like that. granted that the touchpad is useless but what stopped MS from releasing the driver for the Xbone controller that is basically a 360 controller with impulse trigger added? nothing...and yet they say they care for pc gamers! SMH

SniperControl1593d ago

Guys, to use DS4 on PC and emulated as a 360 controller, download the latest build from here.

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fermcr1593d ago

I find it incredibly stupid by Microsoft's part that still haven't released X1 controller drivers for Windows. What the hell are they waiting for ?

Bodge1593d ago

Who knows what they're waiting for, luckily for us we have a great community to give us what Microsoft has trouble doing.

Up_N_U1593d ago

plz make this happen im so sick of playing my games with mouse and keyboard.

kingduqc1593d ago

Then pick any of the dozen of controller already available...

Up_N_U1593d ago

ok 1 my 360 controller died on me and im not paying 60 for another one 2 i have a rock candy controller i use for battlefield 4 and it sucks but trust me i can still keep up with mouse worriers no problem

Wizard_King1593d ago

you must be trolling...

We have been able to use nearly every controller know to man for PC gaming for decades now. Not to mention that nearly every game now comes with plug and play options for standard Xbox 360 controllers.

But it's OK stay ignorant.

Up_N_U1593d ago

or maybe i just wana use my xbox one controller and why are you even worried about how i prefer to even play my own games on my own PC?

Magnus7011593d ago

You mean as soon as 4 months ago? CronusMax has XB1 support on like day 1 of release. Setting it to Xbox360 allowed you to use your controller on the PC with no issue and no lag.

Milesprowers1593d ago

I just wanna use the Xbox One Controller with my Microwave, I can turn that turnpad using the analog stick and use Left Trigger to open the door

itisallaboutps1593d ago

I play on Pc, ps3 and ps4. I prefer my 360 controller mainly because it is hassle free. i just plug it in

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