Microsoft's Phil Spencer on PlayStation's Xbox jibes: 'Business is business'

MMGN writes: Some of the most iconic moments of the current "console war" between Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One has been the mostly one-sided jibing by Sony at Microsoft's controversial hardware features and initial pre-owned game restrictions.

The hits have reignited the old-school console war marketing tactics that dominated the '90s as Nintendo and Sega went head-to-head for console dominance.

As gamers, it makes for some humorous competitive mudslinging.

To Microsoft, it's just business.

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Maml071531d ago

Everythibg is business
I'm sure its a real war btween ms & sony
But there is a hidden deals under the table

hulk_bash19871531d ago

That's a great way to see it. Take the hit's in stride and keep on going. Sony takes jabs at Microsoft and Vice versa. It's the nature of business.

hulk_bash19871531d ago

Haha that's an awesome picture.

darthv721531d ago

From my personal POV, this is nothing like the 90's between Sega and nintendo. It's much worse. The power of the internet has amplified the immaturity of those who pick sides to the point of you cant trust or believe anything that is written anymore.

At least back then the gamers knew it was all good fun. Now its like a crusade for some who really take the slinging as a serious threat towards their preferred console with an obsessive behavior.

God damn...what the hell happened to just playing games?

Godmars2901530d ago

"God damn...what the hell happened to just playing games?"

That's what I've been asking for some time now Darthv.

Notice that people don't even talk about gameplay anymore. Its just resolution and graphics.

And recently there was an article about Kinect and autistic kids, nothing more than a largely generic quote from a teacher and vague PR talking points, no actual facts like what version of Kinect or what games were involved, and the largely pro-comments felt like they were being made by creationist. Not gamers much less consumers.

Things are past the point where, concerning a f**king product, you can ask a rational question for fear of getting a irrational and fanatical response.

And this is coming from someone who plans yet has yet to buy a PS4 because personally, as just a consumer device, its not worth buying yet.

mewhy321530d ago

LOL. what's he going to say? LOL

SilentNegotiator1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

People are being idiotic comparing this with the 90s Nintendo/Sega thing; until there's TV commercials where they directly compare systems, this isn't the same thing at all. If Twitter and internet-streamed game conferences existed in the 90s, these journalists would be exposed the same amount/type of jabs, PLUS the organized commercial attacks.

FamilyGuy1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

"From my personal POV, this is nothing like the 90's between Sega and nintendo. It's much worse. "

I fully disagree, back then they directly called out their competition in television commercials on pubic tv. WAY more people saw those commercials than the number that see gaming related internet fights between manufacturers.

darthv721530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Family guy, you are giving people of the 90's to much credit. think about it for a moment. Gaming prior to the release of PS1 was nothing as mainstream as it is now. you had magazines and tv commercials but the parents didnt really know what these things did. The kids, oh yeah...they knew and you would get the ribbing from sega or nintendo fans when in present company.

Fast forward to the the more current gen and the amount of information available to the gaming and non-gaming public out guns the 90's in general. That is the culmination of tv, print and internet information. Like i said above, this gen is NOTHING like the sega/nintendo days.

It's way worse. Not only are we older now but we are seeing it first hand what the internet is doing to the perception of gamers growing up earlier than we were back in the day. Its more attainable and mainstream and as such there is far more influence in today's gaming culture than ever before.

if you believe it was worse then than now...then more power to you.

jebabcock1530d ago

Is there a word that Phil Spencer says that doesn't make its way to an article on here? Or does he really have that much to say?

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Heisenburger1531d ago



Mr Pumblechook1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

The no-DRM thing that Sony declared last year at Microsoft was not a jibe, which is an insulting remark, it was a declaration of a major policy difference.

Jack Tretton's stance hadn't been seen before and here was huge public support which is what helped persuade Microsoft to reverse their pro-DRM policy - a win for all gamers.

A jibe is all those silly little comments that, certain people in companies make, intended to be a joke but make their product look superior via their smugness.

Theantidote6191531d ago

Love my playstation 4 but did you watch the video on how to share a game on ps4? Definitely a low blow and it was successful haha.

Utalkin2me1531d ago


Did you read what you typed? Why should you even need to make a commercial to "How to share a game". No reason for DRM in the first place. All the "blows" you speak off is because MS did it to themselves.

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XiSasukeUchiha1531d ago

True an business-minded person will agree with U.

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Pogmathoin1531d ago

Its the nature of the beast. There is always competition. In the age of the Internet though keyboard warriors, supreme warriors who will never let fresh air brush against there skin add some spice to it all. Tis on both sides too..... Not just Sony Fanboy or MS fanboy..... Legend speaks of Nintendo fanboys too....

Naga1531d ago

I don't think that's the first time I've seen you post that picture. You seem bitter.

-Foxtrot1531d ago

How can I seem bitter when I'm trying to prove his point

Sony do it...Microsoft do

Again people twist things to start's a little sad.

Oh and I think I've posted it once, but again you'll probably exaggerate it to try and prove your point.

Hicken1531d ago

You seem to be quick on the spin, Naga. I certainly hope you weren't one of the individuals bashing Sony for "taking shots" at Microsoft, especially since Microsoft has been doing the same for years now.

I get the feeling you were, though.

Death1531d ago

You seem to quick Hicken, calling the kettle black.

Naga1531d ago

@ Hicken

What spin? I was just making an observation.

But to answer your concern, I haven't really cared about the matter one way or the other. If anything, I think the creative ways the two companies take jabs at one another is entertaining.

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Gabnet1531d ago

They simply allowed Sony to do that and he understands.

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Alan_Shore1531d ago

Legit thinking phil is the only good person At xbox these days

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