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Garrett Martin - "I’ve been killing since I was in kindergarten. I’ve eaten ghosts, stomped living mushrooms and shot down every conceivable type of vehicle. I’ve beaten countless men to death with my bare hands and feet. And this was all just in the 1980s, when Reagan and Charles Bronson were supposedly making the streets safe again, and when I had to be in bed by 9."

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Septic1589d ago

You don't have to post the same thing in every article you know!

Anyway, nice to see so many good reviews for Titanfall. I can't wait to review it. One day Gameondaily will be good enough to get review copies p_p

Alan_Shore1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Lol was thinking the same thing we know its nice!

Hope sooner or later you will get review copies man :)

4Sh0w1589d ago

Septic I'd like to read your review. A fair assessment of Titanfall is just as good as any other site.

Looks like Titanfall is getting the high praise from reviewers it deserves. Damm I'm so excited.

Until midnight, Standby For Titanfall!

christocolus1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Lol..i got carried away i guess. The game is doing really good and im very happy about that.. Gameondaily? is that yours? Why dont you do a review?or discuss it with Phil on twitter.the guy is open to stuff like that. Ive sent him numerous messages and tweets and he replies most of them.try asking him about this he'll most likely hook you up with those who can help out..

No_Limit1589d ago


don't worry man, just keep saying what is on your mind at all these great reviews news. The more disagrees you get, the more you know the pain it is inflicting on haters.

Septic1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Yeah Chris. I run Gameondaily. Yeah I will do a review soon. I just need to secure a copy! Ill be at a Titanfall event on Wednesday. Maybe I can secure a copy then lol. A bit late but hey, us UK gamers get it on Friday anyway.

pandaboy1589d ago

oh god, im sure your review will be impartial...

aerisbueller1589d ago

I'll try it out for PC eventually. Thank god this buzzword will get put to rest soon.

parentsbasement1589d ago

3 am on the east coast for me (to download) I wondering if it will crash with everybody doing it at the same time?....I aint getting up that early , ill try it about 630 before I go to work and hope its there when I get home....

InTheZoneAC1589d ago

I can't help but feel this game is going to be reviewed like CoD was and get great reviews despite repeated flawed mechanics in every iteration.