Respawn: Titanfall's server stability is in Microsoft's azure hands

Titanfall will be propped up by dedicated servers. As much was made known last June, but what may not be so clear to players is that post-launch hiccups are primarily Microsoft's responsibility. Respawn engineer Jon Shiring recently explained to Engadget how Respawn used Microsoft's "Azure" cloud computing technology to handle elements of Titanfall like AI hosting and physics calculations.

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Naga1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I would imagine that there are a lot of people hoping for the servers to somehow fail, sadly.

All the while, however, one could easily spin this story in a positive light: Microsoft has volunteered to carry the burden of server maintenance for developers.

If you think about it, that's a heck of a thing.

Paulie_gualtieri1660d ago

They volunteer these server farms? I was under the impression they rent them out to clients.You know, what the entire Azure business model is, no?

At best i would imagine dev's could get a discount at the least as opposed to renting servers from another company.

Naga1660d ago

@ Zeldass

Microsoft offers free dedicated servers for all Xbox One titles.

lolCHILLbro1660d ago

The beta had some of the best damm servers i ever played on, pings under 20ms, no noticable lag, silky smooth and if they hold up tonight then i will be impressed even more with them and the Azure

rainslacker1660d ago

Azure is actually an extremely reliable and very fast network. It could possibly go down, but the chance of that is pretty low. Server maintenance is more likely. The nice thing about Azure is that it can reallocate resources to where it's needed, thus opening up new resources if loads become heavy(something very likely the first week of launch).

I know there are people that will disagree with me, but those that know me I'm a big Sony fan. but I can't discount what MS does do right.

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RAWSTA1660d ago

That's for sure! Not like Sony when they shut there whole service down! Oh how people forget lol

KwietStorm1660d ago

Lol why do people try so hard on this site?

Lowsnamebrand1660d ago

You know live has had an outage too right? I can dig up the info, but you can use Google to find that yourself

ABizzel11660d ago

We'll see. This is the first step, and proving ground for MS "Cloud" strategy. If this game launches with problems, it's never going to be letdown. If it's smooth and flawless the whole way through, then MS has taken the first step to proving the cloud, but are still a HUGE way off from the overhype they were spewing around E3.

christocolus1660d ago

Yeah. You are right and if their history with live is anything to go by then i believe ms will do good..

Zombro1660d ago

Yeah it is haters gonna hate why can't gamers just game they need a antifanboy website

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Summons751660d ago

So basically they are already playing the blame game because the game is going to be garbage (stability wise) for the first few weeks and they are pretending they have no responsibilty.

Good job devs, make sure it's everyone's fault but your own when people realize your game is mediocre and super casual.

ABizzel11660d ago

That's pretty much what I was getting. If it's great it good on MS, if it's crashing then it's bad on MS. We shall see.

kewlkat0071660d ago

You guys just reaching..

Would you blame google if you bought a phone from them if your "network carrier" sucked?

You guys ever read the garbage you write? When you hate.

KwietStorm1660d ago

That's not what they're saying at all and you know it.

OiNioB1660d ago

"realize your game is mediocre and super casual"

Lol your are trying your hardest to tarnish this game's reputation,

"Simple controls with no depth to them, no brain function required to play, and very repetitive = very bland game"

"Game is meh anyway, rent or bargain bin at best"

Don't you have something better to do then bash a game/dev you aren't going to play/support...

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Gamer-401660d ago

Server: Microsoft's azure hands.

NaAsAr1660d ago

will this be the same case for pc users

Naga1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


“We’re using Microsoft’s cloud compute initiative to run all our servers for it, so it’s all running on dedicated servers. We’ll spin up and spin down servers as necessary, and it’ll do all the AI hosting and physics calculations and all matchmaking and all of that good stuff. It’s all dedicated servers, all the time.”
- EA’s Craig Owens

No_Limit1660d ago

Like the Allstate commercial: you are in good hands with Azure. That is why the Live server is the place to play online and why Respawn initially went to MS and asked to develop Titanfall with the server; they know it is good.

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