Gamer Food For Thought: Let Go Of Your Elitism

I am a gamer that takes pride in what I do and what I play. I seek and crave innovation, I love to rabble on about my favorite exclusives as a member of the PlayStation family, and I used to think with an ‘elitist’ ideology.

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Pogmathoin1622d ago

Good article, but wonder if it will be received well here. Its like the master race and the rest of us on this site.

Insomnia_841622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I do label people according to what they play mostly or how much time they spend playing. Casuals, hardcore, addicts, whatever but all gamers and respect them all.

I love Sony, respect Nintendo, and don't like Microsoft when it comes to consoles.

Love and respect to all gamers. Just don't support products looking to fck up our beloved hobby/culture or whatever you consider it. I'm 30 and looking for at least ankther 50 years of good gaming ahead. Curious to see how COD54, FF65, Fifa64, Halo55 will be and hopefully by then I will have two bubbles lol.

mrpsychoticstalker1622d ago

LOL, you definitely need some sleep IMSOMNIA.

Boody-Bandit1622d ago

*group hug everyone*

kumbaya my lord.... j/k

I prefer gaming addict but most of my family and friends call me a junkie.

urwifeminder1622d ago

Nice whinge article I laughed.