Test Chamber – Infamous: Second Son

GI - "Sony Computer Entertainment America producer Greg Phillips joins the Game Informer staff for a brief but explosive look at Sucker Punch's PlayStation 4 exclusive, Infamous: Second Son. Mr. Phillips wouldn't let us touch the controller (a wise move), and instead chose to demo the game himself, all while entertaining our blast of questions and stupid observations."

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GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

This is the best gameplay yet of this game, imo. Played by a dev who actually knows what he is doing. Goes to show how much of a difference it makes to how fun/appealing the game looks when it's played properly.

So much for all those people that said "the gameplay is lacking"....look at all the different ways he is taking enemies out, so slick. And this is only a small taste of the combat, more powers and tons more moves that we haven't even seen yet.

Oh....and if you go to 12:14, not only do you see a shadow being cast from Delsin (shock horror!), you also see a piece of paper blowing around that is also casting a shadow on the floor. Dayum.

kiz26941657d ago

I see that your "Resist to watch I:SS videos" is going well Lukas. I cant talk I just watched the hell out of that video :P

Speak_da_Truth1657d ago

oh man i just can't wait right now i'm almost beatin infamous 2 all over again in aticipation

FamilyGuy1657d ago

Wow, the end of this video is a new scene and a blurred out unseen power. can't wait

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

*Light spoilers about what is blurred out*

It's a neon special move. Lots of neon lasers shoot out of Delsin, destroying everything around him, it looks awesome.

FamilyGuy1657d ago

Uh... duh

It's pretty obvious, even while blurred out.
The lasers disintegrate every low-level enemy around him.

It's cool that you've actually seen the un blurred version though.

gobluesamg1657d ago

This looks ridiculously good. Can't wait. Loving the shadows too, haha!

Sevir1657d ago

That looks fantastic... Shadows being cast though faint from delsin, very fluid and this is all before the day one bug patch which will improve the games performance! Totally love the graphics... and they blured out the Neon's power Karma Bomb! :) I may just play Evil; first time around and do a hero on my second play through! :-)

Love how enemies burst into energy particles when hit with precision Neon blasts

LOVED every second of this play through.