3 Ways Xbox One Can Beat PS4 : DirectX Update + More

Microsoft and Sony’s rivalry in the gaming console market has long been standing.  For some time, Microsoft was leading the race. At other times, it was Sony in the lead.  When the two released their latest consoles last year, people were divided.

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Ziriux1655d ago

The reason won't be titanfall, it will take a lot more software than that. But i do like all your points. Direct X 12 will greatly help with the quality of the games graphics I believe.

UnrealThreats1655d ago

Titanfall will not make the Xbox One the winner. It looks way better on PC!

ProjectVulcan1655d ago

I think part of the problem is despite Microsoft hyping it for Xbox One people will see it soon on their Xbox 360 shelf.

If resolution and framerate doesn't matter to most gamers then they will buy it on 360, rather than shell out for a new console.

You have to create really good reasons to shell out that much money on a new machine and a multi platform game isn't generally it

Alan_Shore1655d ago

Duz thart meen pc iz tha wiinner

GUTZnPAPERCUTZ1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

No, It does not look "Wayyyy Better on PC" the graphics are almost Identical, Lighting, texture detail, effects, etc. The only thing that will be better is the resolution and maybe a steadier framerate... given on what your rig is running

2pacalypsenow1655d ago

More than half the people that will buy it don't know that

ABizzel11655d ago

1. NO
2. NO
3. NO

And honestly there's little hope for the XBO beating the PS4 unless:

1. They introduce a Kinect-less bundle and drop the price to $349 - $399.

2. The subsidize the console through TV providers, giving subscribers to HDTV programming a XBO with a 2 year agreement, for free or a reduced price up to no more than $299 + Kinect.

3. Disaster strikes the PS4.

Gozer1655d ago

I disagree. Once the X1s functionality gets out and known it will sell great. That's good too, because the X1 is a great household product. In the fight to control the living room, the X1 is twice the product of the ps4. I can control my entire entertainment center with the X1. And do it as simply as speaking. You have nearly no control over your living room with the ps4. The X1 is truly a next gen experience. Everyone should own one.

Saigon1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Ok I am really tired of this. Most are defending why the XBO needs to be in the living room but they keep missing some key features. The XBO main functionality depends on the Kinect to truly live the full experience of MS vision and the XBO. The only problem is that MS was late to the game. WE have TVs, cable boxes, entertainment centers that already perform the task that the XBO offers. As a gamer, most should also be in to the in-all-know-it for electronics also. I know at least I am. I research the features of products and what the industry is looking to do in the future to provide a stream line feature for consumers. One also known future item is that the TV manufactures and cable companies are trying to figure out a way to get rid of the cable box altogether so users will rely on plug and play right from the TV. An example of this initiative is the reason why most TVs are cable (which I know has been for a while but these discussions have been going on for a long time) ready as well as internet ready. Also one reason why Sony is offering games through their newer TVs. The Game of TV is changing. Once they figure out something cable boxes will be obsolete and that will happen sooner than we think, especially with the point of all the streaming companies gaining more prestige as we move forward. I honestly think it would be an app through the TV that you download.

My point is that all make a big deal of what MS is trying to do with the living room like its the end-all-be-it-all, which I do applaud their efforts but I think it was a little too late. In that most consumers are not going to like what kinect offers due to the fact you can get the same functions on other devices. I again wish MS luck and I hope I am proven wrong in the future, but if not then...

Gozer1655d ago

The X1 is not like the built in features of Smart tvs. I can control my cable, my surround sound, my tv, as well as features for my tablet, and my cellphone. What does the ps4 and Smart tv offer that offers more than the X1s functionality? Kinect is a good feature. Add in the easy to use game dvr that actually works well with Kinect. The video editing tools for the X1 are also more robust than the ps4. Then you have Twitch broadcasting which will undoubtedly be more user friendly. Then you have Skype for video calls, which is nice. Regardless of what the internet does, the X1 remains a great product. I think once it catches on it will do well.

ThatOneGuyThere1655d ago

using the xbone to control your cable box and is that any better than just using your universal remote? oh...its not. its more clumsy, creates its own input lag, and requires to have an additional device ON.

UltimateMaster1654d ago

~Direct X12

Putting so-called success on mere updates that the PS4 can do as well.

It's as idiotic as saying the PS4 success was purely because the PS4 had Twitch streaming at launch and the Xbox One didn't.

Saigon1654d ago


I never compared what the XBO has in relevance to the PS4 and a Smart TV, but if you want to cross that bridge fine. First of all the services are free, you do not need to sign up to a subscription in order to provide the basic features of each system or access the functions. The other thing is that you do not need to connect A with B and B with C in order to provide the functionality. The functions for Smart TV and some cable boxes are directly implied. You know I am not going to cross that bridge because we all know what each can do and what it cannot. with the PS4 the only lacking issue is the HDMI in but it pretty much can do everything the XBO can do. The Smart TVs already have the features as soon as you connect it.

My entire point was that with how technology changes and how fast it changes, MS missed the bar. They were a little too late to the party. Next year you are going to see a complete focus change from MS. There scope is not going to catch on to the consumers. Honestly, I look at it like this, if it was so revolutionary, the gamers would not be the only ones talking about the XBO system. The media and everyone will be talking of how revolutionary this system is; but that is not the case.

mewhy321654d ago

This is not winnable by the xbone.

Silly Mammo1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

So what have we heard so far from MS since launch? The cloud, a firmware update, and now Direct X12 will close the hardware gap with the PS4. People need to realize MS is just stringing them along with false hope. Putting premium gas in your KIA isn't going to make it run like a BMW.

Also, its not like Sony is going to rest on their laurels. They will be fine tuning the PS4 as well.

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Alan_Shore1655d ago

Won't know the contents and tools of dx 12 till gdc so gotta keep an open mind

Magicite1655d ago

only way to win - MS buys Sony (which is never gonna happen)

hazeblaze1655d ago

DirectX 12 is not going to do anything for Xbox. Sure, it could improve the visuals of games, but it would make the performance worse.

Unfortunately, console gamers don't understand this... Just like on pc when you go from playing a game in DirectX 10 to DirectX 11... your games look better but the frames drop. The xbox is already struggling as is... it can't handle anything requiring more resources.

fanboykilla241653d ago

ur an idiot... the x1 was initially schedule to be release in the dec. of 2014 but due to sony releasing their console early they couldn't give them a head start... Microsoft is one the world's largest SOFTWARE company in the world.. do u really think their going to do such a thing to a product that not only did they invest BILLIONS upon BILLIONS but it is also the LARGEST source of revenue of the company..... the xbox one was originally design to run direct x12 most games arent able to reach 1080p 60 frameseconds because most developers arent able to access the xbox one full potential

TooHigh2Die1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

The Only way it would even come close if they drop the Kinect, drop the price by 150$, add a copy of Titanfall, 1 year of Live service and a custom TitanFall controller. And even than I prob wouldn't get it I mean once Infamous comes out next Friday I'll just be thinking Titan who?

PharaohX1654d ago

You sound like an idiot. Not a fanboy but an idiot.

Gamer19821654d ago

DX12 wont help Xbox as its mainly aimed at tablets and phones just like windows 8. Its optimized for mobile apu's and not x86 architecture. So people gotta realize this and stop thinking everything MS does must be good for Xbox as they do have other divisions they need to make money from aswell. As people think Sony are kicking there ass but in reality there biggest threat is Apple and Google in the mobile/tablet market... So they are making DX12 to combat that side of the market rather than a market they are making a crap load of money in.

TAURUS-5551654d ago

3 ways i can play better football than lio messi...... XD XD

RIP xbox1

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Septic1655d ago

Twitch, Titanfall and DX12 won't be enough. Games are where its at and at E3 they need to deliver something incredible to grab back the market share they lost, particularly in the USA.

I'll be very surprised if that happens to be honest. The only way I see MS coming back (not 'beating' PS4...because I really don't see it happening) is a super aggressive policy; big price cut, loads of games, better online model (PS Plus DESTROYS Games for Gold).

Nothing is set in stone though.

christocolus1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Phil has been working really hard on the games side so i guess they have that part covered but im most excited to see what direct x12 could bring to the console.

E3 and Gdc will be great this year.

Septic1655d ago

Well thats not a guarantee. Not only does the Xbox One have to deliver great games, it has to deliver better games than the PS4 to make up for lost ground.

Im interested is seeing what DX12 can do too. Ill remain cautiously optimistic however.

Radentangr1655d ago

I am honestly excited for the Xbox One titles in the works, they have about six exclusive core games (might be 7 as a few Ex-Sony employees are being unveiled at E3) and roughly thirty indie/casual games in the mix. Some of which seem real fun (Kinectimals sequel but with competitive match 3 game play).

Plus if you like Fantasy League sports or Ultimate Team (EA Sports) you will love what they have up their sleeves September. This is for The UK also, BT went big on the football for a reason! Fantasy League is a billion dollar industry and sports and sales (clothes etc) will get the Xbox One into the living room.

But please do not expect DX12 or the Cloud to improve resolution.

DeadRabbits1655d ago

They need to ditch marketing the xbone as a multi media entertainment hub, show the cloud to be something other than a uberfart and serve up exclusive after exclusive.

The good will from the 360 gen is over and its now time for M$ to grow a pair, drop the handbag and get into the ring!

mrpsychoticstalker1655d ago

I never knew that once your PS Plus subscription expires you loose all the games they offered you for free. with Xbox Live you get to keep them even if your subscription expires.

millerj27401654d ago

Which would be an advantage if anybody wanted the games that Live offers...

aerisbueller1654d ago

yeah, you can keep halo1 and gears of war1, ten years after everyone stopped playing them. woohoo!

ger23961655d ago

I'm not familiar with how dx12 works. Will it be a software update to improve graphics?

Kingthrash3601655d ago

^same under the impression its software...but what will it do?

EXVirtual1655d ago

You're correct, DX12 is software.
It'll let devs get more efficient with the hardware. Because of this, more graphically intensive games will be able to run on the XBO, while maintaining the resolutions it's been achieving (mostly 900p).
The exact same thing will happen with the PS4, probably with a new OpenGL. It happened last gen with the PS3 and 360.
Think of it as a part of a driver update.

its_JEFF1655d ago


That's my understanding as well. DirectX12 is a set of software tools that help Dev's better code to the metal getting more out of the GPU and raising efficiency... That's why I always thought that this would benefit PC's a lot more than console. PC would benefit more, not saying X-1 wouldn't, from DX12 than X-1.

I'm not sure why you got a disagree. The tools will get better on both systems. But the thing that won't change is hardware, it's fixed!!! When internet speeds get faster globally, then the Cloud will be utilized to it's full extent. By then Sony might even have their "cloud" computing solution up and running, as articles were reporting that they had started their cloud computing solution.

1nsomniac1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

DX12 is basically a developer middle man. A developer can create a flat surface/wall/floor add a simple texture & DX will apply bump mapping & fill, which makes it look all nice & pretty, bumpy & 3d looking, which requires a lot of processing power but makes the developers job easier.

Will it make games look better, it should, although the noticeable differences have become less & less noticeable since DX9.

Will it increase resolution, no.

Will it increase performance, In no previous iteration of DX has performance increased. In fact it has on every occasion lowered performance, but increased graphical fidelity.

Take from that what you will.

ger23961655d ago

Ok, thanks for explaining it.

Tempest3171655d ago

This. Each new DX has been considerably more power hungry than the last, but added features to make games look better and better. Unfortunately its always taken 1-2 years before more than a few games are actually released supporting the new features, so dont expect dx12 to be released and then all the games immediately utilize it. It wont mgically push the x1 into 1080p, but it might give it an edge to make the 720/900p games look better than the ps4s 1080p IF the new features are that much better. We wont know until we start seeing the games

1nsomniac1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Back in the day DX updates were a PC fanboys wet dream. Each one would bring a brand new set of games with unimaginable graphics you could never of imagined before but each one usually requiring a hefty new complete rig upgrade.

Then they just started getting stale & Microsoft started spinning us BS with lazy updates that required the newest DX to allow certain features, although even the simplest of hackers could add 2 lines of text to a .ini file to activate them.

MS at one stage was going to charge for them i.e. you had to buy MS Vista to be able to download DX10. The plan was to sell DX updates like Apple sells OSX updates but once it was found out it was all BS MS did a 180' apologised & haven't really released a proper DX since.

Due to this DX10 was a complete failure but DX11 was basically just a DX10 re-launch which wasn't all that bad. So here's hoping this could be a return to the old days, I wouldn't hold my breathe though!


DX is a Graphics API Software that supports different Tools for effects and code compression. It currently is the industry standard when it come to Coding Graphics for gaming and CGI. AMD's Mantle is great as well, but only works on AMD hardware, so it is more hardware based Software. OpenGL and DX are both Software API's but due to lack of support of OpenGL with Linux and Playstation the only Systems to run it, most developers build on DX in mind. DX12 will be the newest iteration of the software and should push your existing hardware to new heights with above mentioned tools.

beebap1655d ago

Playstation always used opengl so developers use it.

SilentNegotiator1655d ago

It's a graphics platform. An API. It's almost like the engine's engine, sorta. It's the more technical tools involved with graphics processing.

Unless the original API was a complete and utter stinker, no, the graphics will not see that much of an improvement because the systems abilities haven't changed, just the tools.

brich2331655d ago

Stay Tuned for GDC, nobody knows anything, just rumors and speculation.

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candy_mafia1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Why does there have to be a console war? Why can't we all just enjoy awesome games together, regardless of platform.

Kingthrash3601655d ago

ask ms and sony
they are in a war and they want us (customers)
to choose sides.
i dont like it but in truth this war was and still is instigated by them, the companies.
war=$$$...proof? look at launch numbers...both broke records.

MonstaTruk1654d ago

The Xbox One broke 360 numbers. The PS4 broke launch console numbers, IN GENERAL... ;-)

Major_Glitch1655d ago

Why does it have to be a "console war"? Ask Sega, Atari, or any other now defunct console maker. The video game industry is a business and that means it's survival of the fittest.

numNuts1655d ago

Still the same hardware no matter what.