Respawn Officially Confirms No Private Match at Launch for Titanfall

Koku writes: "Like many of us you’re probably staying up all night awaiting the release of Titanfall to arrive at midnight. I don’t blame you with all the hype and positive review scores I’d be excited too. There has been conflicting reports about the Private Match option being available at launch, no official news on the feature was made until today. A user tweeted at Respawn Entertainment asking"

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Ziriux1588d ago

Well that's kind of disappointing. :(

I too enjoy getting together with my friends and getting some private matches on it's the only area i don't get my ass kicked in.

Cinotix1588d ago

Yea, but I think not enough people play it to be a priority at lunch unfortunately.

Ziriux1588d ago

Until than, I guess I'll be getting my ass kicked, although I was in the beta, so I think i have a little headstart. :p

Cinotix1588d ago

Meh everyone will be new so you're ok!

Septic1588d ago

Kind of sucks, especially for those wanting to make Red v Blue type machinima stuff.

BX811588d ago

@ septic that's a good point. At first I was thinking who cares? Probably a bunch of kids who want to find glitch spots but people do make some pretty cool videos.

Ziriux1588d ago

Let make a show Septic! :p

Godmars2901588d ago

Anyone who didn't play the beta you mean.

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dcj05241588d ago


JK lol. Hope they add it soon.

pompombrum1588d ago

This was known a good few weeks ago or was at least seriously implied when they mentioned they'd release private matches functionality in a post launch patch.

Ziriux1588d ago

Yea but than some people that played the games early I remember saying they had access to private matches. It's good to hear it officially.

jdiggitty1588d ago

Could you be thinking of private servers instead? Devs and media types get access to closed servers.

I'd really like to be able to do this though. It helps learning the maps so much to just fire up a private match and go.

Summons751588d ago

Ouch, that's going to hurt for people who wanna get use to the game with friends or take a look at the maps with little distractions.

Multiplayer games should always have private matches and local multiplayer. These devs ignoring this show how they clearly are out of touch with gamers... Game is meh anyway, rent or bargain bin at best

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