The Walking Dead Season 2 Review in Progress... [Ep1-2] | Laser Lemmming

Laser Lemming Writes:

"Tender moments are few and far between in The Walking Dead, there’s no escaping the misery. To the point that it’s almost excruciating to play at times, I never thought a game could make me feel nauseous and apprehensive to perform a simple button press, I don’t want to ruin it, but you’ll know the section I’m talking about when you get there. At times, the game was so uncomfortable to watch that my wife had to leave the room.

Such is the power of the story telling and the bond that Telltale have managed to forge between the player and Clementine. Even with Lee no longer in the picture, through your own actions you’ll do everything you can to make sure she comes out of a situation unscathed."

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