PlayStation 4 Price Officially Goes Up In Chile

Sony indicates that new values are due to "changes in market conditions."

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metalsonar7131618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

here is a gaf posting detaling the bs :

Sony increases PS4 and PS3 price in Chile ($90 USD increase for PS4 and PS3 500GB) #1
They are blaming market conditions on this. Sony is saying that because of the peso depreciation we had in the last year, they're going to increase PS4 and PS3 500GB price in $50.000 CLP each ($90 USD). The PS3 12GB price also went up ($35 USD).

The chilean peso went from 500 CLP a dollar to 570 CLP since last year (14% variation) and this is how prices went up:

- PS4 500GB: From $329.990 CLP to $379.990 CLP (15% increase).
- PS3 500GB: From $229.990 CLP to $279.990 CLP (21% increase, really Sony?).
- PS3 12GB: From $169.990 CLP to $189.990 CLP (11% increase).

I think I have never seen a price increase like this in Chile before. I hope Sony is consequent with how their are managing their prices and lowers them if the Peso gets a better exchange rate.

Official PR:

En respuesta a cambios en las condiciones de mercado, se modificará el precio de PlayStation 4, que pasará de $329,990 a $379,990 MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price), se modificará el precio del paquete PlayStation 3 (500GB), que pasará de $229,990 a $279,990 MSRP, y el precio del paquete de PlayStation 3 (12GB) que cambiara de $169,990 a $189,990 MSRP, a partir del 28 de Febrero, 2014. Aun en condiciones desafiantes, SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) continuará trabajando para ofrecer a sus fans la mejor experiencia de juego.

Muerte24941618d ago

Long story happy with the price? Don't buy it! People have been doing that with Microsoft's Xbox One for awhile now.

Okay okay that's not entirely fair to Microsoft. But they're over charging for something whose value isn't as apparent as others consoles.

Alan_Shore1618d ago

Can't always trust neogaf

rainslacker1618d ago

Based on that comment it seems that the increase in pretty much consistent with the change in the peso...15%.

Maybe a bit high for the 500GB, but since that's the premium model they're asking people to pay more, where as the 12GB version is 11%. Being the entry level version, perhaps there is a point where they have to price it without being out of reach of it's target audience. Pricing dynamics are pretty tricky in this regard.

Still kind of sucks, and I'm unaware of Sony ever doing this in the past for any region.

solidworm1618d ago

When you have a product that everyone wants you can charge whatever you want for it....

mrpsychoticstalker1618d ago

"Everyone" ???

I don't want it.

will probably get it when GOD OF WAR comes out.


Well,something needed to be done in Chile,and while this may not be the answer,it certainly is something.

MegaSackman1618d ago

Ha! here in Argentina is about $1.150 USD.

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