The 15 Greatest Moments in the Sega and Nintendo Console War

Robert Workman (Prima Games): For most of the 90s, both Sega and Nintendo butted heads in what became known as the 16-bit war. On one side was the Sega Genesis and mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, and on the other, Super Nintendo and Mario. Both publishers took shots at each other and fans immediately took sides. This led to a high level of competition that ultimately benefited gamers.

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maniacmayhem1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

This was a real war. These guys were like the 2pac/Biggie of their day. Both great rappers, both had a true dedicated following. Me being a Nintendo SNES diehard fan even I had to acknowledge a lot of the great games the Genesis had.

That Joe Montana football was unbelievably good. And I had to go to my friends house just to play it...and we played that game to death.

But oooh those tides were turned when the 32x was released. That's the day when the SNES truly stomped the Genesis to the dirt.