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Finally we get to see a Final Fantasy game get the HD treatment and 10 seems a perfectly logical first step. However your getting far more then just 2 games with this collection making the overall package worth far more then the price being asked for it!

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TheTowelBoy1618d ago

Geez there's so many good games this month. This game, Stick of Truth, inFAMOUS, Titanfall. It's a good month to be a gamer!

HeroLv91618d ago

final fantasy x was my first ps2 game! I definitely gotta get the remaster.

jjonez181618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Both were amazing games. Romanticized the ps2 for me. Spent more time on them than anyother, well maybe not gran turismo 4. I 100% that game :)

belac091618d ago

im so happy this month!