Dark Souls II Collector’s Edition Detailed for PC, Now available to Pre-Order

Dark Souls II Collector's Edition announced now and its available to pre-oreder, The game price is $109.99 and will release in April 25.

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Raider691618d ago

Theres a disc with the game for install and then just activate on steam.Or just a steam code for download?I never saw a box without a disc even if the steam code is necessarie to activate the game.

thegreatklemba1618d ago

just a steam code for download. which is ridiculous i should come with an actual game disc for the cash you spending on it. The advent of steam was the downfall of actually owning your pc games.I do miss big box pc games so much

Raider691617d ago

I dont believe that it will not come with the DVD-ROM with the game.Has Namco confirme this? because why the hell do i want a collective box if i cant have a DVD-ROM with the game.IF Steam goes under in the future i cant install or play this game in anyway...this is stupid.

King Nezz1617d ago

Yeah it sucks. As great as it is to play games without limitations, PC games don't feel like they're yours when you buy them. The whole Steam family sharing feature recently started (for non beta users of course) makes it feel not too bad.

Raider691617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Maybe this is only for USA gamers,because on it says the box contains a dvd-rom and theres some images of the various platform editions and they show the game disc dvd and the soundtrack cd.Its actually faster for some people to install the game from the Dvd-rom than download it from Steam.I think Namco should explain this.I have this edition pré-order if this dont come with the DVD-ROM i will not pay for this.I will get a normal steam code online for $15.

beatled1617d ago

you can get the game for like $24 on some cd-key sites and for like $40 on GMG

pass on $110 for a toy and a download code.... I might grab this if it ever hits the $20 mark for the art book