EP Daily | Titanfall Review

Is this the next big shooter? EP Daily offers their opinion in this video review of the Xbox One's biggest release to date.

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PONTIAC08G8GT1588d ago

Surprise surprise, another great review and zero comments. Once one bad review comes out there will be all the haters.

Nice review!

Few more hours till I have mine :-)

No_Limit1588d ago

Just like when they try to sweep the KZ 960x1080 resolution gate under the rug. Not surprising here.

kevinsheeks1588d ago

right im waiting for a 7 to come so they can run to that article and say "see guys its nothing but a over-hyped cod with mechs heeheeharhar"

mrpsychoticstalker1588d ago

The haters are too busy looking for negative articles, and those who are journalists... writing the articles.

If anybody wants to add me on Xbox one. message me.

Titans ready!

UbiquitousClam1587d ago

Another 9 to add to its vast collection.

GG Respawn!

blakstarz1587d ago

I'm PS4 owner but I do give props where its due, this looks (and plays) like a badass game!!
I think I will definitely scoop one of these bundles up in the coming week.

Gamer-401587d ago

You are a real player, would be good, if on all of them PS4 owners would represent similar mentality, and the good games would be liked, less would be the debate. All consoles good, and onto all consoles they will be distinguished AAA games. This is very important, not the machine. Titanfall new AAA FPS IP, you see this, because you like the good games. Respect.

The_devils_chum1587d ago

There was a new article in the new york times saying that its almost a certainty for titanfall 2 coming to ps4.

Gamer-401587d ago

You all of them believe what the newspapers write? Would be sad, you are not a child already based on your picture.