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PSLS Interviews: Free to Play Doing Well on PS4

From PSLS:

"Since the PlayStation 4 launched in November of last year, I have been curious how the two free to play (F2P) launch games (Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution) were doing. The console crowd hadn’t seen what F2P had to offer, nor were they really accustomed to micro-transactions." (Blacklight Retribution, Industry, Jared Gerritzen, PS4, Steve Sinclair, Warframe)

dbjj12088  +   137d ago
Plenty of F2P options on there right now.
Major_Glitch  +   136d ago
Yup. I'm currently playing Warframe, Blacklight, DCUO(my personal favorite), plus all the free games I'm getting thanks to PS Plus. Loving Sony for providing some excellent choices of f2p games.
3-4-5  +   136d ago
The two best F2P games aren't even on PS4 yet, but will be soon.

WarThunder & Planetside 2
Wedge19  +   137d ago
I think this might be because it's one of the few options on PS4... Let's wait for more huge titles to start hitting and re-explore this. Warframe and Blacklight are fun, but I can't see myself playing them once more content starts pouring down the PS4 pipe.
Lou Ferrigno  +   136d ago
You mean "One of the MANY options". yes i think you did..Have fun with the disagrees there buddy,because your comment is 100% grade A Bullshit :)
stavrami-mk2  +   136d ago
Doesn't work like that on here normally anything logical gets disliked. While anything sony ass kissing gets bubbles and and likes. This is coming from a Sony fan that's not ashamed to admit his been well outfanboied on this site. Problem is most of them are in denial on here
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stavrami-mk2  +   136d ago
F2p not really an option more a scam that's why I like UK at least we see what it really is and are getting them to change there name
Wedge19  +   136d ago
Hooray. Disagrees. And yet life carries on. Funny how those little things really don't matter... At all. Ever.

I simply meant that content offerings on the PS4 are limited compared to what they will be, so it will be interesting to see how the F2P market evolves at that point. Sorry if something I said somehow irrationally offended you dude.
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bicfitness  +   136d ago
There are about 50 games on the PS4 at the moment and 30 on the X1. The idea that the PS4 has few or "no" worthwhile games, especially when all the multiplats offer better performance is a fallacy. That's why you're getting so many disagrees.
Wedge19  +   134d ago
Again, said I don't care about the disagrees. Doesn't affect me in the slightest if people want to take what I am saying out of context, or rather, put it way too specifically into a context that I didn't intend.
Melankolis  +   136d ago
I know what you mean. And i think it's a good thing when PS4 buyer who don't have interest (or only a few) in big titles that have been released, while expecting more to come,they can enjoy F2P games.

It's healthy, both for producers and consumers.
Hicken  +   136d ago
What you "simply" meant is simply wrong, though. That's why the disagrees. You didn't irrationally offend anyone. You were just flat-out wrong in your assumption that there isn't anything to play.

And what there IS to play will obviously be limited as opposed to what WILL be available in the future. Hell, it's not as if the number of games can really go backwards. There are a good number of f2p games to play on PS4; if DC Universe continues to see the sort of success it does on the AAA-laden PS3, why can't other free to play games on PS4 see similar success?
Wedge19  +   134d ago
Again, never said they wouldn't, simply said it will be interesting to see the evolution... Mere musings.
Father__Merrin  +   136d ago
Merrin shall be keeping warframe, just want planet side 2 releasing and he only Sega brought phantasy star online 2 to P.S.3
madpuppy  +   136d ago
I really Like Warframe But, I really, really Hate microtransactions. You really cannot do much in the game without actually spending money and I don't really have a problem with that. but, I wish they would give you an option to "buy" the game at a reasonable price so that you could progress at a regular games pace. as of now, there is some "platinum level" thing that costs north of 140.00 If I recall. that is just crazy.
masadiam82  +   136d ago
That's what I thought at first, but almost everything in the game can be obtained without buying platinum. You just have to grind for it. I spent forty bucks on this game before I found out that spending money wasn't necessary. Then I spent another forty after just cause I like the game. Warframe Wiki is all you need to learn the ins and outs of Warframe.
iceman06  +   136d ago
The ONLY thing that really costs platinum, or real money, is Warframe slots, weapon slots, and cosmetic things. EVERYTHING else can be earned in game. Right now might be the best time to be playing. They have had a huge amount of resources and "gifts" that are available for about the last month. I have "saved" about 140 platinum from just this month. Warframe just requires patience and an understanding of HOW to spend your plat and WHEN.
Currently, I have 10 warframes and 12 weapons (have been through countless others) and I have only spent $29.99. Mind you, that was by CHOICE because I have been getting my money's worth. (play at least 3 hrs. a day)
madpuppy  +   136d ago
I appreciate all the input, I just have to play more I guess. See, I am a fan of Dark Sector, so Warframe to me is like an alternate reality sequel that I dreamed that Dark Sector could have been. (if only Hayden Tenno could have spawned different types of weapons and they fixed some of the playability issues.)
ACESupERIC  +   136d ago
@madpuppy. Everything in the game can be done without spending real money. You just have to grind. All weapons, warframes, mods and gear can be found in-game. While some people prefer to buy things with real money, you can still do everything without paying. I bought platinum to support the developers for making an outstanding game and to help build my clans dojo. Every weapon, piece of gear, mod and warframe I have was built by finding parts and grinding it out
BlingBlaine  +   136d ago
Lets be honest. Warframe is awesome!!! I have over 400 hrs played, and have all the Warframes (built not bought) and planets nodes finished. I have put around $20 in and have made around $100 selling mods on the market. So it has actually profited my clan and I very well. We dont have to spend $ because we sell our pick ups. Perfect economy that actually benefits the player who puts in the time to max out Rare mod cards ect.

Blacklight is a total waste of time. The fact that everyone can see through walls just kills it for me. If I want to play a simple killfest or a domination game mode I play Battlefield, Killzone or COD. The sounds are attrotious compated to Warframe and the PAY TO WIN SCHEME is Rampant with Blacklight. Renting guns and upgrades on a daily basis? WTF? I basically start from scratch every three days. Or I pay $ and buy the guns and upgrades therefore not having to worry about that pesky rental of guns bs. Why do you think the poster child for Blacklight, Jered said NOTHING about monitary investment/profit as they have only updated ONCE compared to Warframe's Huge 3 updates including 3 new Warframes and over 20 new weapons, with huge new tilesets.

No comparison between the two, but Planetside 2 on PS4 is where my heart is.
TriangleOffense  +   134d ago
Insert me clapping here _______________

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