The Art Of Titanfall Review - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny- "Over the last few months Titanfall has been on the lips of every Xbox gamer, mainly due to the hype surrounding the game, and I have to say that judging by the Beta which we covered here, the hype so far is justified. Few of us actually stand back and think about how much work actually goes into a game such as this one, we are far to eager to dive head first into the action."

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maniacmayhem1593d ago

"what's so nice about it...duuuuhh!" - N4g user

Lol, its good to see that reviewers are loving this game and it wasn't all a big hype fiasco as the few on here preached and wanted everyone to believe.

Here's hoping that this great new IP turns into a successful franchise.

Godmars2901593d ago

Given what it is, unless there was some issues between the "beta" and full version, how would there be seen as anything less?

TRD4L1fe1593d ago

Midnight needs to hurry up

gamernova1593d ago

PC gamers get it at 11:00. Doing my HW early just for this game. That's how good the beta was and how good I expect the whole game to be :)