Sony Boasts That Over 100 Million Shares Have Been Captured by PlayStation 4 Users

One of the standout features of the PlayStation 4 is its ability to share games with others across the world. Proof of this feature’s popularity was posted by Sony today on their Twitter page. Over 100 Million shares have been captured and broadcasted by owners of the system.

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daggertoes831659d ago

I guarantee half of them are mine i did by mistake. Still cool feature and nice numbers.

nicksetzer11659d ago

too bad those are the only "shares" sony can boast....

PoSTedUP1659d ago

lol. i wonder how many captures per minute that is.

morganfell1659d ago

Quite a few of those shares are mine as well. And those of friends.

And nick, from the looks of your post history this troll remark is on par with most you make. It burns, doesn't it. BTW, I preordered Batman on PS4...

1659d ago
XisThatKid1659d ago

Glad I can say I added to this number feels good to be apart of an amazing community.

jjonez181659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

@Nick haaaaaa! Funny.
Share button is a great feature. Needs tools, and editing though. And some other way of sharing besides Facebook/twitter.

CalibriSerif1659d ago

hey nick.. playstation fan right now but that is funny.

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GameSpawn1659d ago

Is this the amount of times people have hit the "Share" button OR is this how many times people have actually uploaded a picture, video, or run a broadcast?

If this was actual uploads, that is still a LOT of sharing in just a few months. If this is button presses, then yeah it is not as impressive as myself I've accidentally created photo and video captures by bumping the Share button.

I only have one video capture from AC4 that I'm waiting to be able to get off my PS4 without using Facebook (I still refuse to get one out of sheer principle). The booger about it too is that I only want the last 2 minutes of the 15 minute capture.

JohnApocalypse1659d ago

Is there any you can make the share button change the amount of time you record? I've tired to record some glitches

beebap1659d ago

You can edit your video before you send. Also if you find that it only recording games when you first turned on the ps4 but nothing new try double pressing share button and also there is a thing you can do in safe mode cant remember what exactly something to do with database if you having any trouble with your shares.

Whiskeyjacked871659d ago

I've probably uploaded about 20-30 pics and vids.

ThatIrishGamer1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

And if my experience with the share feature is anything to go by: 90% of those shares are footage of random clips you didn't want to share... And are actually random clips from about two hours before you pushed the share button.

demonddel1659d ago

So when Microsoft does this no never mind I already know wzup

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