Mario Kart Franchise Receives an “Honest” Trailer

ScreenJunkies, producers of the famous “Honest Trailers” video series recently teamed up with Smosh Games to produce a special Honest Trailer for Nintendo’s infamous Mario Kart franchise.

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Geobros1623d ago

Nice to see dualshockers to show great games like Mario Kart 8.... :o

-Foxtrot1623d ago

Yeah why doesn't the decoy item box look like a real item box....kind of defeats the point of the item if you know not to go near it.

TransientDreamer1623d ago

It's not meant to be taken seriously. It's pure humor.

-Foxtrot1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I know but I'm just saying it's bringing up a point I've never thought about before

That's all....people are taken my comment waaaaaaay to seriously

How sad

MNGamer-N1623d ago

It's not humor if it's not funny. Just saying.

DanManDantheMan1623d ago

You couldn't help criticize Nintendo even on a humor video.

Pro tip: It's not an actual issue.

-Foxtrot1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Oh for the love of god, I was just saying how it's made me realise something I've never thought about before

Stop trying to twist every little thing to start an argument

Jeez....what is with people like you who rather talk about users on here then the article it's self.

Lighten up

I've said positive and negative stuff about everything....people like you however like to cherry pick peoples comments to troll.

Marked for being off topic.

BattleN1623d ago

if placed over the item boxes they hit, and hell I've hit them by accident haha!

wonderfulmonkeyman1623d ago

Best way to use it during a race is to set it directly behind or on top of pre-existing item boxes, especially if they're on a curve that most drivers take wide to hit the outside or inside boxes due to avoiding some sort of obstacle just around the bend.

In battle mode, it's best used as a defensive item against persistent red shells and tail-gaters with mushrooms that want to steal a balloon.XD

weekev151623d ago

Wow your kinda over sensitive eh. If you read your comment again youl see it does come across as quite trolly. If you had worded it like "I never thought about the fact the decoy item box doesnt lookie like a real item box before. Kinda defeats the purpose does it not." You may not have received the feedback you did.

in proper response to your comment it can be placed well so if you stick it in a bunch of item boxes folks may not have time to react to it bein a decoy so it does serve a purpose.

Neonridr1623d ago

Well the decoy has to look different somewhat, otherwise how would you ever know that it's an item block or a fake? That would be a little too evil if you ask me ;)

Agree with the others, I always place them either in paths I know that people have to drive, or inside existing boxes so you don't realize it until you are passing through.

If you want to be really evil, try placing it right before a jump. If the player wipes out, they usually won't be able to gain enough speed to make the jump. Especially painful on the older games where if you didn't clear the jump you would have to circle back around like half the map.

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BX811623d ago

This is the 1st I've seen. Too damn funny.

hennessey861623d ago

The film trailers are brilliant, get watching you have a lot of catching up to do ha

live2play1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

dude have you seen the honest trailers for movies? you will be laughing out loud.
see honest trailers, how it should have ended, and everything wrong with...
you will be delighted. i guarantee it


Too bashing not enough humor. One game per console is not "milking"

Baka-akaB1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Dude chill , honest trailers are about "trashing" and nitpicking any movies , good or bad . And hell it's almost still always based on facts , however twisted and skewed .

It's the same principle used here on a game .

PS : Besides what he called milking was the use of the mario franchise and universe as whole anyway , not necessarily MK .

DanManDantheMan1623d ago

Like Foxtrot, you're taking it a bit too seriously.

1nsomniac1623d ago


Everyone prefers honesty over PR BS.

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