Video Game Movies and Why The Last of Us Doesn't Need One

Hardcore Gamer: Some games have more potential for interesting movies than others, but The Last of Us has very little, and a movie that simply re-tells the story could only ever be worse than the game.

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jc485731537d ago

they are only doing movie because they know audience like watching this kind of stuff. If don't want to hold a controller, then just watch the movie.

ginsunuva1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

90% of the story was in the gameplay.

If you think about it, there wasnt much "story." The only sections with significant plot were the beginning, David, and the very very end.

The reason why we like TLOU is not the story, but the character interaction, development, and brilliant dialogue.

It's pretty hard to make a movie that compresses 12 hours of character development and dialogue into 2 hours.

ValKilmer1537d ago

I disagree. Just because the game was cinematic doesn't mean it shouldn't be adapted to a film. Not everybody plays video games, but everybody deserves to experience the story.

Gabnet1536d ago

Then it might as well be some other movie. Part of what made the game experience awesome was feeling the emotion behind every punch you through as Joel because you as the gamer had to make sure they survived. And I know you can simply re-spawn but its all about the immersion, (I might get immersed more than the average gamer lol). It just wont be the same imo. Hey they can try but I don't feel its necessary.

corvusmd1536d ago

last of us pretty much is a movie...either it will just be a repeat of the same exact story as the game...or the story will most likely disappoint all the gamers.

VanguardOfCalamity1536d ago

A movie doesn't seem like a bad thing in this case because I feel like the game's story would lend it self well to a movie.. only problem is it would end up being <maybe> 3 Hours if that and have to really condense the story... maybe some kind of mini-series would work better...

Malice-Flare1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

my opinion is that a VG-based movie is not for the gamer, which is why VG-based movies tend to be very different from the source material, and often tend to be bad...

Mortal Kombat is still undisputed in this regard as it regarded its source material with respect. if Sony manages to handle its source materials with respect, they should have no problem adapting their properties for movie goers...

a TLoU movie wouldn't need a big SFX budget, just good screenwriters and appropriate actors (ms. Paige is not applicable)...

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The story is too old to be commented.