Dark Souls 2 leaves a leaner, smarter world in your direct control (GamesBeat)

Traveling is easier but enemies are harder, as Dark Souls 2 looks to give players complete control over their character’s role and fate in the universe.

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wita1044d ago

Looks awesome. Now if I could just not suck.

Brazz1044d ago

dark souls is about pratice and hardwork, belive me, i know...

NagaSotuva1044d ago

I'm already shaking in my undead boots.

Brazz1044d ago

stay shaking... soon i will backstab you to death!

worldwidegaming1044d ago

Offline mode keeps those daggers far from least under your properly geared...

darkronin2291044d ago

One of the few series of games that legit terrify me. Still can't get pass Demon's Souls.

nope1111044d ago

I can't wait for more "OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT OHSHIT" moments.

Ares84HU1044d ago

After I got the platinum in Demon's Souls than in Dark Souls. I will be getting this.